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Way of the Hunter: How to Use and Unlock Level Calls

Using a Caller can help you lure animals and targets closer to your location if done properly – here’s how to unlock and use Level Calls in Way of the Hunter.




To properly lure an animal closer to your location, or out of hiding, you’ll have to use a Caller specific to that corresponding animal.

These Callers can be purchased in-game, much like guns or gear.

As a fictional hunter, you still probably know that predators often react to the sound of prey – once you equip a Caller, you need to keep in mind how to call it correctly. Otherwise, you might get caught by the animal and they’ll flee.

Level Calls Guide in Way of the Hunter – How to Unlock Them?

Each Caller has a corresponding time period in between calls, when you should not call again, as the animal will recognize the pattern as abnormal.

Ready your scope or binoculars. As you’re using your Caller, keep an eye out in the direction of the animal with your scope or binoculars. Ensure you’re hidden and be patient with the waiting process.

A successful first call will lure the animal closer to you, while to get them even closer or in a more vulnerable position for your shot, you’ll need to use it successfully again a second time. At the correct time, too. So, when is the correct timing? The indicator will move to the middle of the calling time period. This indicator that appears on the bottom of the game screen will also indicate the kind of animal you’re calling, the odds of it responding, hearing the call, and an ‘action’ bar. When the arrow is on the dead center of the white –select to use the call.

Callers, for hunting, are all about attracting the attention of the animal without chasing after them – that just simply isn’t the nature of being a successful hunter.

To ‘unlock’ Caller levels – based on the Caller type, you might have up to three different levels on that corresponding Caller, which you’ll be able to view from the menu. To unlock higher levels of calling across these Callers, you’ll have to work your way through the ‘Perks,’ which involve:

  • Within Call:” Second-level calls unlocked. You need to sell 10 called animals in total.
  • “Pied Piper:” Third-level call unlocked. You need to sell 30 called animals in total.

You’ll be able to purchase and obtain various callers in the game, including:

Elk Caller, Roe Deer Caller, Deer Grunt Caller, Red Deer Caller, Hog Caller, Duck Caller, Goose Caller, Jackrabbit Predator Caller, and Moose Caller.

The ‘Jackrabbit Caller’ is used for the American Black Bear, American Badger, European Hare, Gray Wolf, and Red Fox. ‘Squeak’ attracts the hares, and ‘Distress Squeal’ attracts predators.

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