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Splatoon 3: How to Use the Map | Map Guide

Get your hands on your weapons as Splatoon 3 enters the year! Come and learn about the map.




The new season of the Splatoon series has arrived! Splatoon 3 is here to give you a blasting color of fun, excitement, and fight.

Just like in any other shooting games, map awareness is one of the most important things you should know aside from how the perfect gun works for you. But the only difference is Splatoon3 does not give focus on shooting your opponents, but coloring everything in the map as the color of your team. This is the sole reason why map awareness is the most important in the Splatoon series.

In this guide, we will let you know about the things you have to know in this game’s maps. By knowing this, you have a higher chance of winning the game.

How to Use the Map | Map Guide in Splatoon 3

In playing first-player and third-player shooting games, map is always involved. The reason for this is to help you look for hiding spots and easily locate enemies seen by you or by your teammates. However, it is completely different in playing Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 players usually look at the map to see what color the map is turning into. This indicates whether the game is in favor of which team. Since the main objective of the game is to cover the whole map with the paint colors of your team, always looking at the map is important to know if you have to change your plans and go for the other side.

To help you with that, here are some tips that you might consider doing to level up your game.

Check Map at the Start of the Game

Looking at the map prior to the start of the game gives you enough information and idea on where you can go first. Since the map is either long or wide, there are lots of areas that must be covered by your team. Take note that the enemy team will always be far from you at the start, so make a plan on how you can get to an angle or area that you can outplay the enemy quickly.

This is also extremely helpful if you are new to the map you are playing. You will have a gist on which sides you can easily travel. Aside from that, you can also see in the map the weapon of the enemy you are facing is using. With that, you can think of the possible strategies for it.

Plus, you can also easily identify if an enemy is quietly approaching.

Check Map While Waiting for Respawn

After getting splatted or getting knocked off by an enemy, you will be given a short period of time to respawn. It usually takes up to about four seconds. Within this four second duration, you can plan something new especially if you get splatted again and again by the same opponent—then, maybe it’s time to change your plans.

Aside from that, you can spectate your teammates. You may want to look over them and think whoever needs the help most. Maybe one of your teammates is getting bullied by an opponent, then you should pick a spawn location near them to help out.

Another thing is that you can have a wide perspective on map locations that are not yet painted. If you think your teammates are going well on their fights, you can sneak on the unpainted regions by choosing a spawn location near it.

Check Map Mid Fight

To give you a disclaimer, this is actually one of the things pro-players do so mastering this is not as fast as you can think of. But if you are more into competitive plays, you should try to do this, and believe me, your gameplay will improve.

Checking the map from time to time during fights will help you in gaining information of the current state of your game. Aside from that, you can also decide quickly about your next move on the opponent you are facing since you have an idea of the weapons they are using.

However, in doing this, you should also have a quick reaction time. If you are about to check the map, make sure that you take cover first or else you will be caught off guard by the opponent. This can also be a short break for you or a reset if you feel a little tilted on the game.

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