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Splatoon 3: Item and Ability Guide

Let’s go through the best items and abilities in Splatoon 3 guide.




Splatoon 3 is a popular third-person shooter video game published by Nintendo, for the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

You choose whether you want to play as “Inkling” or “Octoling”, and each character shoots coloring ink from his weapon.

In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about items and abilities in this new version of the popular Splatoon gaming franchise.

Ability and Item Guide in Splatoon 3 – For Beginners

First of all, let’s talk about Shopping in Splatoon 3.

Of course, this is the simplest way you can obtain new items, and the best of all is that the items in the Shop are refreshed on a daily basis.

You just need to have enough money.

Also, when you play several online matches, you will be able to see other characters from these matches around Splatville.

If you approach them and talk to them you will be able to ask them about their gear and also purchase the same items that they have.

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Cruising around the Splatville you will be able to find Murch. Murch is a special villager who sells rare stuff. Visit him often to see what new you can find there.

Using SplatNet 3 is another way of purchasing items for your game. Just use your smartphone.

What are Abilities in Splatoon 3?

Go to Menu, click on Status tab, and there find Abilities tab, hover over abilities that are listed there and you will see the basics of every ability you want to see.

Your character has one primary ability and three secondary abilities.

Primary slot gives you 10 points, while secondary slots give you 3 points.

Remember, some abilities only appear in certain slots.

Recommended abilities for new players

Swim Speed Up – This ability increases movement speed in swim form.

Special Charge Up – This ability increases special-gauge fill rate.

Ink Recovery Up- This ability increases ink-tank refill rate.

Ink Saver (Sub) – This ability decreases amount of ink consumed by your sub weapon.

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Ink Saver (Main) – This ability decreases amount of ink consumed by your main weapon.

What are Ability Chunks?

You can gain Ability Chunks from Salmon Run rewards.

Once again, visit Munch who can scrub your items by ‘washing them out’.

If you are lucky, you can take a gamble and ask to reroll your chunks too, this way you can see what you can get. Keep in mind that you cannot change the main Ability of the gear.

This process is very expensive, so you will have to have a lot of money in order to do that.

You might want to start saving money today.

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