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Splatoon 3 Side Order: How to Earn More Prlz

Time to make it rain Prlz!




Prlz is one of the new currencies you can earn in the Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC, and they’re required for all of the sweet upgrades and more loot in the DLC.

You can spend them at Marina’s Hacks shop for permanent upgrades, or at Cipher’s Siftings for cosmetics. Either way, though, you’ll need thousands of Prlz to buy everything!

Ready to get rich? Read on for the best ways to earn more Prlz in Side Order.

How to Earn More Prlz

Splatoon 3 Side Order: How to Earn More Prlz

There are multiple ways to increase your Prlz earnings in the Side Order DLC, but the best one by far is to simply max out your Palette with a single Tone.

The more Color Chips of the same Tone you have on your Palette, the better your Score will be. Your Score then gets converted to Prlz whenever you beat the Spire of Order or get defeated.

For example, say that you max out your entire Palette with the Range category of Color Chips. This will get you around 90.000 Score, which will become 900 Prlz!

Risky Rewards at Marina's Hacks

You can further boost your earnings by using the Risky Rewards Hack. You can purchase it for 333 Prlz from Marina after beating the Spire of Order once.

Risky Rewards will give you a multiplier on your Points to Prlz conversion whenever you beat the Spire of Order.

The fewer Hacks you have active, the higher the multiplier, up to x3 when you have no hacks.

However, you will forfeit all your rewards if you get defeated. Only pick Risky Rewards if you are certain that you’ll be able to beat the entire Spire of Order!

Example of a win screen with high score and Risky Rewards multiplier at 1.1

If you’re confident in your ability, it’s a good idea to pair Risky Rewards with a limited set of Hacks. This way you don’t completely limit your power, but you also get more Prlz.

Combine the Color Chip Bonus we explained before and a maxed-out Risky Rewards and your 90.000 Score would become 2700 Prlz. Obviously, though, that’s a best-case scenario!

Vending Machine Prlz

Other than that, make sure to get as many Membucks as you can and use Vending Machines. They’ll sell you a small amount of Prlz, which definitely adds up.

Now, go get Prlz and buy out Marina’s Hacks and Cipher’s Siftings shop!

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