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How to Unlock Replica Weapons in Splatoon 3 Side Order

Fancy new skins for your arsenal!




Splatoon 3 Side Order introduced a new set of Replica weapons based around the DLC’s central “Order” theme, and you can unlock them all with enough effort!

We do mean effort, by the way, you’ll need to beat the DLC content multiple times to get all of them…

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to unlock every new Replica weapon in the DLC.

How to Unlock Order Replica Weapons

How to Unlock Replica Weapons in Splatoon 3 Side Order

Unlocking the Order Replica weapons is a very simple process, relatively speaking.

For the most part, you just have to defeat the boss on the 30th Floor of the Spire of Order using the Palette that corresponds to the weapon.

So, these are all the Order Replica weapons you can unlock and which Palette you need to use to unlock them:

  • Order Dualies – Pearl’s Palette
  • Order Brella – Marina’s Palette
  • Order Shot – Agent 4’s Palette
  • Order Roller – Callie’s Palette
  • Order Charger – Marie’s Palette
  • Order Stringer – Shiver’s Palette
  • Order Splatana – Frye’s Palette
  • Order Slosher – Big Man’s Palette
  • Order Blaster – Murch’s Palette
  • Orderbrush – Sheldon’s Palette
  • Order Splatling – DJ Octavio’s Palette
  • Octo Shot – Eight’s Palette
  • Order Regulator – Unlike the other ones, you need to buy this one from Cipher’s Siftings for 333 Prlz. It will become available once you beat the Spire of Order with 3 different Palettes.
Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC gameplay

Beat the entire Spire of Order using the specific Palette for the weapon you want and you’ll get its Replica as a skin for use in multiplayer.

Now, the most time-consuming part of this all will be that you need to unlock the Palettes themselves. You only have Pearl’s Palette from the start, the others must be unlocked!

How to Unlock All Palettes in Side Order

Side Order lockers

To unlock the Palettes, you just need to obtain Locker Keys and open the Lockers. They are right outside the Spire of Order tower, and you get a tutorial at the start of the DLC about them.

Obtaining Locker Keys

You’ll get one Key whenever you beat a boss at floors 10, 20, and 30 with a new Palette. This means you can get up to 3 Keys per Palette!

The first 3 Lockers will be opened automatically as part of the tutorial, giving you Agent’s 4 Palette.

Now, this is where things get tricky: every Palette unlock after Agent 4’s is completely random! There’s no set order for the unlocks.

Marina tells the player about which lockers have Palettes

Anyway, Marina will tell you that she detects “strong Palette energy” from the glowing Lockers. Get Locker Keys to open these glowing Lockers and you’ll get a random Palette.

As a final reward, you will unlock Eight’s Palette once you open the final Locker.

In short: just keep beating the Spire of Order using different Palettes to get the Locker Keys, while also unlocking the Replica weapons!

Time to get to work, Agent 8, we wish you good luck.

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