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Splatoon 3: How to Get Gold Fish Scales

Obtain Gold Scales and exchange them for unique items.




Splatoon 3 has recently launched, and it has tons of new things added. You can either play by yourself or play with friends.

The campaign for Splatoon 3 has improved drastically, and it is only getting better. The Salmon Run is also back in the game, and you can obtain Gold Fish Scales upon successfully completing the run.

How to Get Gold Fish Scales in Splatoon 3

Gold Fish Scales can be used to obtain unique banner designs, outfits, stickers, and statues. Farming for them can be quite time-consuming and tedious, so you need to grind for the scales. You can get them by competing in “Salmon Run” mode.

Obtaining Gold Fish Scales

The only way to get them is to inflict damage to King Salmonid. When you do the “Salmon Run” mode, there is no guarantee that King Salmonid is going to spawn.

There are 3 waves that you need to defeat, and if you are lucky, King Salmonid is going to spawn after the third wave.

If King Salmonid shows up, you are going to receive an egg cannon with golden eggs as bullets. You must use this weapon to deal damage to King Salmonid. Every time you deal damage to the king, there is a chance that it might drop either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Fish Scale.

The battle with King Salmonid has a limited time, so you must ensure you deal damage and obtain as many Fish Scales as possible.

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