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Roots of Pacha: How to Solve the Owl Totem Offerings Puzzle

Uncover the solution to the complicated Owl Totem offering puzzle in the cave.




As the new simulation game in town, Roots of Pacha is filled with a lot of puzzles that you’ll come across during your playthrough. One such puzzle is the Owl Totem offerings puzzle.

You will be able to come across the puzzle inside the Caves which you’ll find in the northwestern part of the map.

In this guide, we’ll show you what you need to do in order to solve this puzzle.

How to Solve the Owl Totem Offerings Puzzle in Roots of Pacha

Source: Quick Tips

To start, you want to make your way to the entrance of the caves. As soon as you enter the cave, keep going forward until you reach a part where the Owl Totem statue is located.

If you haven’t reached this room yet, you have to break the rocks in each room to open an entrance to another room.

Keep doing so until you’re two rooms north, until which you’ll come across a painting on the wall as shown below.

It’s important to interact with these paintings as they will give you the hint that you need for the Owl Totem later. Go through the entrance north which will lead you to another room.

This one will contain the Armadillo Totem which requires a fruit as an offering. It could either be a pinecone or a pomegranate. After placing the offering, a puzzle will then play.

Solve that puzzle in order to open the door to the other room.

The next room will give you the ability to fast travel between rooms. Simply choose the Owl’s Preamble option to get to the Owl Totem statue.

Give Offerings to the Owl Totem Statue

Source: Quick Tips

Unlike the Armadillo Totem statue which only requires one offering, the Owl Totem statue requires three.

These are a fish (any type), a tree fruit, and a root vegetable. Then again, you can use a pinecone as the fruit offering and a carrot or potato for the root vegetable.

After making the offering, the statue will then ask you if you’re ready to start the challenge. Click Yes to begin.

Compared to the previous puzzle, this one is a bit complicated. The gist is to guide the light by twisting the pillars. The problem is that these pillars are separated by different land masses.

Luckily, you can transform yourself into an owl to do so.

Solution to the Puzzle

Source: Quick Tips

To solve the puzzle, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Step on the plate on the ground to turn yourself into an owl.
  2. Fly toward the land mass on your upper left and turn yourself back to human form by stepping on the plate.
  3. Interact with the pillar directly to your left to rotate it. The light should now point toward the right.
  4. After that, step on the plate again and fly toward the land mass to your right where the light touches a pillar.
  5. Return to human form and rotate the pillar to point the light downward.
  6. Transform into an owl once again and fly downward where the light touches a pillar. Rotate it to point the light to the left.
  7. Fly toward the left, still following where the light touches a pillar. Rotate the lower pillar twice to point the light to the right.
  8. Walk to the right and rotate the pillar twice to point the light upward.
  9. Follow the light once again to where it touches a pillar. Rotate the pillar twice to point the light upward.
  10. Fly toward the upper landmass and rotate the upper pillar to point the light to the left.
  11. After that, fly toward the lower left land mass where the pink glowing armadillo is. Rotate the upper pillar three times so that its head no longer has that tiny flash.
  12. Finally, go back to the very first land mass you start on and rotate the pillar twice to point the light upward.

As long as you followed the steps, the final pillar should look like the one in the image above. This will then light up the totem at the very top, thus completing the challenge.

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