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Genshin Impact: How to Unlock Land of Upper Setekh Temple Gate

Opening the gate requires a mix of stealth and patience




The Land of Upper Setekh is an area located in Great Red Sand, Sumeru. Right next to Valley of Dahri,  loocated in this area is an unlockable Temple gate. However, the temple requires the player to speak a password to open it. Most players are puzzled about what to do after or how to get the password.

Luckily, this guide will teach you how to unlock the Land of Upper Setekh Temple Gate in a few easy steps. Let’s dive in.

How to Unlock Land of Upper Setekh Temple Gate?

The quest first requires you to approach the Operate Device, that’s shaped like a giant cube. Once you approach it, you learn that the Temple requires you to know a password to access it.

Paimon will suggest listening to enemies nearby. A great suggestion by the usually clumsy Paimon.

Afterward, leave the temple but stay in the area and look out for an enemy approaching the gate. After a short while, an enemy with a shining light above its head will appear. You will find out the password through this person.

To find out the password, just slowly follow the NPC. Eventually, you will hear the enemy mumbling the password. Don’t worry, it will show up on the subtitles below your screen.

Be careful not to follow too close. You might alert the enemy, so it’s best to keep a safe distance. An “eye” will appear above their head if they see you, so once you see an “eye” that would be your signal that you are following way too close.

Finally, once the enemy leaves, approach the Operate Device. Fortunately this time, we know the password so two choices will pop up on the right side. Just choose the one you remember and the temple door will open once you select the correct one.

Congratulations, you have unlocked the Land of Upper Setekh Temple Gate!

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