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Fortnite: How to Become a Chrome Blob in Season 4

There’s nothing that could trick you into thinking you’re all-powerful than being—almost—invulnerable.




During Season 3 of Fortnite, a shining, silvery material decided to show up in the game—the Chrome. In the recent update—Fortnite Season 4—the Chrome seemed more invested in staying in the game; having able to envelop some POIs within the Fortnite island.

To make the game more thrilling, players can now even become Chrome, themselves, more appropriately called a Chrome Blob. When you transform into a Chrome Blob, you would look like a silver liquid creature that slithers on the floor.

Becoming a Chrome Blob would, in turn, allow you to move with more freely in both land and air since it grants you the ability to dash through both, identical to a Zero Point fish. It is also a good technique when sneaking up on enemies since you’re moves are undetected hence in a stealth-like mode. To add more, it also enables you to permeate and pass-through walls.

But, how can one become a Chrome Blob?

How to Become a Chrome Blob in Fortnite Season 4

To successfully transform yourself into a Chrome Blob, you would, of course, need to collect Chrome first. Harvested Chromes are called Chrome Splash, and these are obtained by visiting the Chrome-infested places in Fortnite Island which are those covered in silver in the map.

You can also look for Chrome chest which would definitely yield Chrome Splashes. However, there are particular places in the game that are taken over by this lustrous, metallic-looking object: the Herald’s Sanctum, Shimmering Shrine, and Condo Canyon. Visiting these places would certainly help you acquire such objects.

Upon arrival at these POIs, break structures or any objects that are made of Chrome just like Chrome rocks and Chrome walls. Damaging them would produce, instead of debris, Chrome Splash which are for you to collect.

After successfully gathering Chrome Splash, all you need to do is throw this at your feet or on any structure.

This would create a scene similar to a silver ball of paint that splattered its contents; walk past the splatters then you’ll be covered in Chrome. Once you look like an animated silver statue, sprint until you become a Chrome Blob.

If you happen to miss collecting Chrome Splash to turn yourself into a blob, your friends could use their Chrome Splash on you. This would be the same case for you, using your Chrome Splash to help a friend become a Chrome Blob.

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