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X4 Foundations: Scale Plate Pact Location

Being the main pirate force in X4 Foundations, the Scale Plate Pact’s location is not easy to find, especially given the size of the game’s universe.




If for whatever reason, you want to travel to the Scale Plate Pact’s headquarters, you’ll find that it’s a bit harder to find than other faction’s stations. But once you know where to look, you shouldn’t encounter any problems getting there.

Scale Plate Pact Location in X4 Foundations

Scale Plate Pact Location in X4 Foundations

The Scale Plate Pact’s Headquarters are located at Hewas Twin IV, The Cove. It is at the southeastern edge of the map, going from the Trinity Sanctum. The station is the only thing of note in the sector, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Joining the Scale Plate Pact in X4 Foundations

Joining the Scale Plate Pact in X4 Foundations

Unfortunately, once you’ll find the Scale Plate Pact station, you’ll notice there’s very little you can do in it. You can trade with the pirates, attack their ships for some loot or dock at their base to join them. Surprisingly, none of these actions will cause your relations with them – your reputation is perpetually locked at -5 Neutral.

Scale Plate Pact Data Leak

Scale Plate Pact Data Leak

Keep in mind that the Scale Plate Pact station is not the same station you need to visit during the story mission requiring you to scan the “Scale Plate Pact Data Leak”. The goal of that mission is located on Silent Witness XI, just three systems northeast of Argos Prime, in one of the pirate bases.

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