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X4 Foundations: What is Distribute Wares

Using traders in X4 Foundations requires you to understand the rather puzzling mechanic of Distributing Wares, and it might take a while to learn.




You might think that buying traders in X4 Foundations will completely automize the trading process, but that is not exactly true. Before your trader will upgrade to level 3, you’ll need to make use of the ‘Distribute Wares” option, which is a little more complicated than it seems.

What is Distribute Wares in X4 Foundations

What is Distribute Wares in X4 Foundations

Distribute Wares is an order you can give to your traders from the “behaviors” submenu. It will tell your trader to buy a set amount of one particular product from the space station of your choosing and sell it where they will get the best price.

How to Distribute Wares in X4 Foundations

How to Distribute Wares in X4 Foundations

Once you’ll select the “Distribute Wares” behavior, you can choose what type of wares will your trader transport. When you’re starting out, it’s best not to exclude any. Now, make sure you have your trader selected and press the right mouse button on the station you want to buy goods from. Select how many you need and press “confirm” for your trader to start distributing wares.

Distributing Wares vs Autotrading

How to Distribute Wares in X4 Foundations

3-star traders can do trading automatically. When this behavior is chosen, you won’t need to tell them what they need to buy. But, this system is not perfect and it can sometimes cause you to lose profit, so if you have the time, distributing wares manually might be a better option.

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