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Worms WMD: How to Use Worm Select Switch

In a tactical game like Worms W.M.D, the strategic value of choosing when to move which unit is immeasurable. But that doesn’t mean the game explains how you can even do that…




In Worms W.M.D you’re given control over an entire squad of worm soldiers. You move a single one each turn, but most of the time, the game doesn’t let you decide which one. That is, unless you use worm select switch

How to Use the Worm Select Switch in Worms W.M.D

How to Use the Worm Select Switch in Worms W.M.D

The Worm Select Switch is one of the many tools you can use in Worms W.M.D. On some maps, you’ll start with it in your inventory, but often, you’ll have to get it from crates scattered around the stages. This item also has its own ammunition, so you should only use it if it’s absolutely necessary, unless the map allows you to use it indefinitely.

Switching the Worms

Once you’ll have the Worm Select Switch, open your inventory and select it. Pressing the “fire” button will cause circular arrows to appear over your worms. Now, press the “TAB” key on the keyboard, “R1” on a PS4 controller, or “R” on a Nintendo switch controller will switch the worm you’re controlling.

Be careful – pressing any movement key when a worm is selected will end the process. If you’ll want to select another worm now, it’ll cost another Select Switch. Not to mention you’re going to lose more time on that turn.

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