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Worms WMD: How to Use Mischievous Drone

Among fan-favorites, Worms W.M.D introduces some new weapons, some of which might not seems all that useful at first, until the player gets more acquainted with them…




The newest Worms title has incorporated some more contemporary elements to its world, including a modernized set of weapons. And what would a modern arsenal be without drones? Though these seem like a great addition to your inventory, you might find that this new gadget requires a more delicate approach to be useful.

How to Use the Mischievous Drone in Worms W.M.D

When it comes to the basics – the Mischievous Drone can be selected from the inventory, like any other weapon. You can then toss it like a grenade. The difference is, once you’ll press any of the direction keys when the drone is in the air, it will start flying. You can control it using the direction keys, but it will only stay in the air for around 6 seconds.

What the Mischievous Drone is Best For

The best thing about the Mischievous Drone is the fact that it can pick up any crate It flies into. This means you can steal supplies from the middle of enemy territory.

The worst thing is that the drone is flimsy – turrets will easily shoot it down and it cannot interact with other worms at all (if you thought about using it to push them into the water, like me). It can, however, trigger mines near your enemies, so it has its combat uses. But most importantly, you can steal dozens of materials from your enemies, allowing you to craft powerful weapons before they even get the chance to react.

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