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Worms WMD: How to Get Banana Bomb Seeds

Banana Bomb Seeds are the first materials that can be a little difficult to find in Worms W.M.D. Still, they’re easier to get than you might think.




Worms W.M.D introduces crafting to the franchise, and along with it came materials of varying rarity. Though Banana Bomb Seeds are not exactly “rare”, they are much harder to get than Boggy’s Special Sauce and Sticky Donkey Paste.

How to Get Banana Bomb Seeds in Worms WMD

Like other materials, Banana Bomb Seeds can be mostly found in crates scattered around the stages. They have an average chance of appearing, but you can increase it in custom games by manipulating the drop rates in the schemes menu. Still, you’ll be mostly dependent on luck to get enough to craft anything.

Disassembling Weapons

If you cannot get any Banana Bomb Seeds from crates, you can always disassemble more complex weapons to get some. Though this is a reliable way to get these materials, you need to make sure the weapon you’re disassembling won’t be useful for you. Also, picking up crates is usually a more profitable option, so only disassemble weapons if you’re desperate.

Here is the full list of weapons that can be disassembled to get Banana Bomb Seeds, with the amount of the Seeds you’ll get next to the weapon:

Sheep – 1

Old Lady – 1

Sheep on a Rope – 1

Unwanted Present – 1

Banana Bomb – 2

Holy Hand Grenade – 2

Super Sheep – 2

Carpet Bomb – 2

Concrete Donkey – 4

Armageddon – 4

OMG Strike – 4

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