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Warlander: Which is The Best Class | Class Tier List

There are 3 different classes in Warlander, and each of them caters to different playstyles that players can enjoy.




Warlander is an action-packed multiplayer game in a Medieval-inspired setting. The goal is to capture an enemy’s castle or defend your own in order to win a match. However, the game also features three different classes that will add an extra layer of complexity to the game.

That said, which of the three can you consider the best? Let’s find out.

Which is The Best Class | Class Tier List in Warlander

The three classes in the game are the Warrior, Cleric, and Wizard. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and for the most part, the best class will depend on your preferred playstyle.

As you can see, the class system in Warlander follows the holy trinity in RPG. The Warrior is your typical tank, the Wizard your DPS, and the Cleric your support/healer. From this alone, you can understand which class will cater to your specific playstyle.

If you prefer dishing out a ton of damage against your enemies, then you’d best go for the Wizard. After all, they’re the main damage dealer in the game, and they even have spells that deal damage in a wide AOE.

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Credits: Realm Space Gaming

Due to that, Wizards are also quite squishy, so they’re mostly the main target of other players during a team fight. But if left unattended, Wizards can easily wipe out the enemy team from a safe distance.

Next is the Cleric who, as the name implies, takes on the role of a support. The Cleric will provide assistance from the backline and heal allies whenever they’re on low HP. It has the lowest damage output of the three, and it mostly focuses on providing support instead of taking down enemies.

When it comes to survivability, the Cleric sits right in the middle – neither too tanky nor too squishy. While it’s mostly underappreciated, having a Cleric on your team is a no-brainer.

Then we have the Warrior which takes on the role of a tank. Due to that, they’re quite tanky and can even wield shields to make it easier to push through enemy lines. They don’t deal as much damage as the Wizard, but their defensive capabilities are certainly necessary during a team fight.

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Which is the Best Class?

Now that we’ve had an overview of the three different classes in the game, which of them is the best? Well, as mentioned earlier, it will all boil down to your personal preference and playstyle. If you like to be the main damage dealer of your team, then pick Wizard.

If you want to dish out decent damage while being able to last for a long time, then choose Warrior. Lastly, if you prefer assisting your allies at the back, then your best option is the Cleric.

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