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Best Mage Build in Warlander 2023

Wanna make your Mage stronger? Read this guide!

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best mage build in warlander 2023

Every powerful hero or class has its own weaknesses, and we obviously don’t want to lose in our own game. I know some of us here are mage users since they can cast magical spells or curses from a distance and they are actually the called the “Ace” if we’re talking about card games here. Although they appear to be strong from a distance, if they are surrounded by melee fighters, they are doomed, and we don’t want that to happen, do we? Don’t worry as we will discuss the Best Builds for Mages in Warlander.

Warlander: Mage (DPS Build)

best mage build in warlander 2023 2

Let’s start by stating that the mage is a class whose attacks only provide ranged damage. This is a weak class that deals a lot of damage, therefore it must be kept safe in the rear lines at all times while also being regularly buffed.

Novice Magic Arrow
best mage build in warlander 2023 3

As a mage, you quickly get this incredibly cool skill. In a sense, your fingers act as arrows. An excellent means of both close-quarters assault and distance harassment.

best mage build in warlander 2023 4

Anytime you get up close and personal with enemies during this strike, you will kill them. The Novice Magic Arrow spell doesn’t work well against objects, therefore you might want to use a different spell in those situations.

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Novice Fireball
best mage build in warlander 2023 5

When you first cast a spell, this is your backup spell. An excellent skill that you must utilize against structures and barriers. Because it takes a little longer to cast, this ability is not the greatest one to use when attacking individuals. If you want to assault enemies, always use Magic Arrows.

Prototype Gyroscope
best mage build in warlander 2023 6

You can use the Prototype Gyroscope, a terrific ability, to do a little bit more damage each time you hit. This gyroscope will launch an assault in the same manner and direction as you do. An excellent option if you want to slightly increase some of those DPS stats.

best mage build in warlander 2023 7

The Barrage skill is a fantastic single target spell that can be seen being performed from a long distance. A barrage of fire arrows will be fired using this skill. Together with your allies, you can utilize this power to quickly drain enemy formations as well as melt through a multitude of obstacles.

However, keep in mind that if you try to use the power all by yourself, it will be weak. Ensure there are other players nearby so you may use it together.

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Wind Trap
best mage build in warlander 2023 8

If you want to escape a messy situation or even try to sneak up on someone, the wind trap ability is an excellent trap to exploit.

You can lay a trap on the ground with the help of this talent. When an enemy steps on that trap, they are simultaneously flung off the area and stunned. It generally works when you are pushing gates and want to set up a trap immediately after the gate has been broken to get rid of any enemies.

Flash Step
best mage build in warlander 2023 10 1

The magician might utilize this common blink ability to flee from enemies or just to alter his position within the battle.

best mage build in warlander 2023 11

A very slow but extremely damaging strike on your opponents. You will mark your location and then cast the spell. After a little while, the lightning will blast onto the ground where you have cast it and cause a lot of damage and toss anyone standing in it.

best mage build in warlander 2023 12

Whenever there is a skirmish going on, this ability performs admirably. Wait for a gathering of opponents to surround you before using this ability to rain down hell on them.

best mage build in warlander 2023 13

The summoning of crows using the ability “Crows” will eventually start to harass and terrify the opponent.

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You have a lot of crowd control with this fantastic ability. It is also an extremely useful skill because you can neutralize attackers and defend your teammates while they are being attacked.

Top Picks Build for Mages

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Here is a list of the initial weapons you should use on your mage if you want to deal a ton of damage to both individuals and objects. These are the weapons:

  • Lightning Shock
  • Lightning
  • Flash Step

You can start off with these weapons by continuously blasting your lightning shot ability to your enemies who are in front of you without using much aim. With this weapon, you can hit targets very simply and it has a wide shooting gap.

best mage build in warlander 2023 15

When you use the Flash Step maneuver in combination with Lightning Shock, you can cloak yourself behind enemies to confuse them and increase your damage output. You do more damage when you strike them in the back.

best mage build in warlander 2023 16

The Lightning skill is rather straightforward; attempt to utilize it anytime there are several opponents approaching from a distance. Slam your ability there to do a ton of damage and generate an enormous CC pool.

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