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Warlander: Best Warrior Build Guide

By following this guide, you can make your Warrior strong!

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warlander best warrior build guide

If you’ve played online competitive games like Overwatch, Valorant, and Mordhau, you might enjoy Warlander, which is playable on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. I know that some of you have already played this game and have chosen Warrior as your character, but you might be wondering “What is the best loadout for this character?” Don’t worry, folks, as we will be talking today about the Best Warrior Builds/Loadouts for Warlander

Warlander: Warrior’s Gear, Skills & More!

warlander best warrior build guide2

The majority of classes are going to build anti-warrior because, by default, both mages and clerics are weak and don’t need to be built against. This is because weapons in the game are generally rather strong.

warlander best warrior build guide3

The best course of action is to choose armor that increases your HP.

HP Up is one of the best perks for this because it provides you more HP for the same price as other items of gear.

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warlander best warrior build guide4

When you continue after that, attempt to choose a sword and shield that are a little bit stronger.

This is due to the fact that the sword and shield is your class’ mainstay. You can increase the damage you deal with your sword and increase your ability to tank by upgrading your shield.

warlander best warrior build guide5

Additional benefits that your equipment might offer. Since you have other priorities, you would genuinely tend to disregard the ranged weapons until you have additional points to spend.

warlander best warrior build guide6

But when it comes to skills, Power Bomb is the favorite because it destroys opposing defenses and causes a lot of damage.

For instance, at level one, this deals 140 damage, which, depending on HP and overall build, may be sufficient to one-shot a clerical wizard.

When utilizing a higher rated character, don’t hesitate to use higher levels.

warlander best warrior build guide7

Lunge Slash is a Warrior class ability that may be used to bridge the gap between you and Majors and Clerics. This ability is beneficial because they are faster or have teleportation skills to keep them out of harm’s way.

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I can then dash at the enemies and deal damage as a result. For a little additional fun, you might invest some more points on the Rush Down and Whirlwind abilities if you have higher valor ranked characters.

warlander best warrior build guide8

Prioritize the other tools and abilities first wherever possible. You might consider choosing HP Up as a general talent if you want to boost survivability.

Then you can choose superior folkiller to aid in battle if you’re using your pledge character or a level one.

warlander best warrior build guide9

I would advise choosing Barrage as well to assist in destroying gates and defenders. This is due to the Warrior’s absence of fire powers, which can help your squad greatly when attempting to siege. The taking barrage can be quite helpful in this situation.

warlander best warrior build guide10

I want to express my gratitude to Realm Space Gaming for their wonderful presentation to us about this wonderful game! You can visit and follow his YouTube channel right now! Happy gaming to all, and be safe out there!

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Realm Space Gaming (Youtube):

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