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Warlander: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

The walls have been breached milord!

Alexis Ongsansoy



warlander ultimate beginners guide

The Medieval ages was known for its severe lack of explosions and robot invasions, this is due to the fact that the former was expensive to make and the latter wasn’t a known concept yet.  That all changes here in Warlander as you go to back to the battlefield once more to settle your differences against people who look at you funny. If you’re new to the game then it is to be expected that you have some questions as the game can get confusing at first. Seeing a ballista with a high rate of fire and a mage casting magic missile tends to overwhelm you like that.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Warlander

There’s no turning back once that portcullis gets lifted off the ground. You will have to do everything you can to ruin the other team’s Core and it’s fully expected that they’re out there to do the same to you. So here’s a few tips to help you lead your troops to victory.

1. Know your Classes

warlander ultimate beginners guide2

Knowing which class you want or you’re going to be good with in the long run will definitely benefit you and your team in any match. If you’ve played a game before that takes place in a high medieval fantasy world where magic and violence are commonplace then you should be quite familiar with the faces you see in the image above. Here’s what each class can do for you:

  • Mage – Known to stay in the back for obvious reasons, they wear a robe and a pointy hat. They can also summon familiars and send lightning bolts from afar. Warping back and forth is another skill the Mage possesses and can be used for whenever a tactical retreat is necessary.
  • Cleric – Versatile as always, the Cleric sits in between the Warrior and Mage as it provides protection or healing magic while still being able to have a considerable damage output. It would be in your best interest to have at least one in your squad before heading out.
  • Warrior – Soaks up a lot of damage before going down due to the high amount of HP. If you like being in front of the action then swinging for the fences with the Warrior should be nothing but a mere walk in the park.
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By the way, all of them can switch from their primary weapons to a secondary ranged weapon complete with its own set of abilities. That’s a total of six abilities you can use in battle with each weapon having a standard and ultimate ability that you can make use of.

2. Play the objective!

warlander ultimate beginners guide3

Now that you’ve decided who to bring out in the field we can talk what goes down in the battle. Your goal is to destroy the Core that lies at the heart of your enemy’s castle. Simple? It sounds simple enough after you break through the towers located at certain chokepoints of the map.

Think of these towers as your forward base of operations, once you take them you push the enemy back further. This is something you should do if you want to have more spawn points to avoid unnecessary walking.

In between those towers will be more walls and gates; this is where your spells, abilities and siege equipment come into play. Take down all of those and you will eventually find yourself destroying their Core.

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You have two modes where you can do this, a standard 2-Army 1v1 mode and a 5-Army free for all where you forge uneasy alliances first then betray your new friends second.

3. Learning the Map

warlander ultimate beginners guide4

In any game or field of battle the player who has better map knowledge always has a higher chance of winning. You knowing where the siege equipment is located or which backdoor the enemy team is going to break through is always advantageous in helping you with your strategy. This is important to keep in mind especially if you’re on the defensive!

4. Do the Beginner Quests

warlander ultimate beginners guide5

Think of these are your dailies, if you’re familiar with what those are then you should consider performing the tasks listed here as they reward you with different items and gear that can help you out earlier on in the game. The tasks range from “child’s play” to “ I will end up throwing the match but it’ll definitely be worth my while.”

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5. Know your role

warlander ultimate beginners guide6

You play the game as a member of a party of four, and you have a total of five squads per game. Everyone is expected to play their respective roles and contribute to the team’s success. That means no going on your own just to be on the receiving end of an artillery barrage. Here are the roles you can choose at the start of the game:

  • Castle Guard – If you choose this then your job is to protect the castle and make sure that anyone who gets any bright ideas and try to flank your team is sent back to the first tower.
  • Assault Squad – This role requires you to be at the frontlines, you’re responsible for taking down enemies and destroying their core.
  • Special Ops – Not a set of words you hear a lot in in the medieval era but what you need to do is to capture the enemies Towers you come across in the map in order to put more pressure on them.

And with that you now know the basics of combat! Take these guides into consideration once you head out into battle. Good luck out there, and be wary of the Cataclysm!

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