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Tunic: All Flask Locations

Flasks with the Health Potions are one of the game’s main collectibles, and they happen to be one of the most useful ones, given the game’s difficulty.




The amount of times you’ll be able to heal before using a checkpoint depends on the amount of flasks you have. To get more, you’ll have to look for them around the world.

All Flask Locations in Tunic

There are two types of flasks in the game – whole flasks and broken flasks. The broken flasks will require you to find three pieces of them before you’ll receive an additional potion. Here are all the locations of those pieces:

  1. Near the third set of stairs leading up from your starting location. You’ll need the sword to cut through the bushes and access it.
  2. On the second pillar, on the right side of the sealed temple. You’ll need both the Magical Orb and Laurel Wreath to get it.
  3. Inside the belltower, in the second guardhouse.
  4. Under the well, in the secret passage near the checkpoint. Climb the ladder in the checkpoint room and interact with the wall to unlock a corridor leading to the flask piece
  5. Inside the chest in a room filled with spike in the Dark Tomb.
  6. Found in a secret room in the Eastern Vault. You need to toss a firecracker at the eastern wall at the first intersection in the building.
  7. In the ruined brick house found while exploring the Ruined Atoll. To enter the house, you’ll need to get the key in the northeast part of the area, near a ledge.
  8. In the hidden room found in the Frog’s Domain. The hidden chamber can be accessed by using a grapple point in the farthest northern room of the dungeon. You’ll need the Magical Orb to get it.
  9. Located at a firing range in the Quarry, in the bottom west portion of the area. You’ll need to get through the miasma to get it, which might make the chest hard to notice.
  10. Follow the path from the firing range until you reach the waterfall. The flask piece is next to it.
  11. In the Old Burial Ground, there is a column in the eastern portion of the area. Near that column should be a slope that will take you to a chance holding a flask piece.

Whole Flasks

There are 5 Whole Flasks you can get in the game. Two can be bought at the windmill after certain portions of the game, the first one for 300 and the second for 1000 gems. The locations of the other three are:

  1. In the first Guardhouse in the Belltower, on a ledge accessible after climbing a ladder.
  2. Rewarded for beating the game’s first boss.
  3. Inside the Ziggurat, in the room with glowing walkways, guarded by two Autobolts.

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