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Tunic: Where to Find Gold Key

One of the first challenges you’ll encounter in Tunic is finding the Gold Key to open the path through the Hero’s Cave. Here’s what you need to do.




Tunic is filled with secrets and collectibles you’ll need to find to proceed through the game. One of the first mandatory to find items is the Golden Key. In fact, there are two Golden Keys you can find at the beginning of the game – one will open the way to the Hero’s Tomb, while the other will unlock the Old House.

Where to Find the Key to Hero’s Tomb in Tunic

Where to Find the Key to Hero’s Tomb in Tunic

The first Golden Key can be found lying on the floor behind a wooden bridge left from the first Respawn Point in the game.

From the place you start your adventure from, head up the stairs until you’ll reach the altar with a statue of a fox. Behind it is the temple with the golden door, which happens to be the first place you’re supposed to go to, so the nearby key shouldn’t be hard to find.

Where to Find the Key to the Old House in Tunic

Where to Find the Key to the Old House in Tunic

The other Gold key found in the first location can be obtained after getting the sword. It’ll open the door to the old house, which are located near the windmill with the skeleton merchant.

 From the door, head left until you’ll reach the improvised wooden bridge. Instead of using it, head down and follow the path to find some stairs. These stairs will take you to a location with an enemy wearing a green robe guarding the key. The best way to get it is to defeat the enemy using a firebomb. However, you can also quickly roll into the enemy with full health, take the key and run away.

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