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Tunic: All Coin Locations

Among Tunic’s many collectibles, coins are perhaps the most puzzling. But in order to wonder what they are for, you’ll first have to find them.




Coins are one of the main collectibles you’ll run into during your adventure in Tunic. They are used to give you more slots for equippable charms. One you have three, you need to toss them into one of the game’s many wells. But finding them can be a bit tricky, especially since their placement has been changed since the demo version.

All Coin Locations in Tunic

Here are all known locations of the coins in Tunic:

  1. In the town near your starting location, take the hidden path behind the windmill to reach a beach in the southern portion of the overworld. Follow it to find a waterfall, which you can pass through to find another hidden path, this one leading straight to the golden coin.
  2. The second coin can be found in the Dark Tomb dungeon. When you’ll reach the room with three laser traps, one of which is pointing at a chest, take the path behind the statue in the top right corner of the chamber, which will lead you to the coin.
  3. This coin is located in the cave of spiders. In it, you should find a corridor filled with jail cells, which will lead to a less-memorable room with a big pillar on it’s center. Destroy the barrels in this room – behind some there is a hole in the wall that will lead you to the third coin.
  4. After getting the Magic Orb from Frogs Domain, return to the beach accessed via the windmill’s secret path. There, look for a broken walkway. Near it should be a small island with a viable grapple point and a chest, holding the fourth coin.
  5. The fifth coin is located on a snowy ledge in the Quarry, next to a respawn point surrounded by water.
  6. This coin is found near a graveyard in the Old Burying Ground, guarded by a small skeletal army. To get there, go forward from the location’s respawn point, until you’ll pass a fence. From there, turn right to find a ladder leading to chest with a coin.
  7. Another coin hidden in the Old Burying Ground. Walk forward from the respawn spot, until you’ll reach some ramps leading to the top of a hill. On it, there is a chest with the coin under a dead tree.
  8. The last coin can also be found in the Old Burying Ground, but you’ll need to finish the Cathedral dungeon to get it. Remember the fence you passed on your way to the sixth coin? Return there now, climb the ladder and use your new blinking ability to get on top of the fence. Follow it, until you’ll reach a ledge with a chest, holding the last coin.

How Many Coins Are There in Tunic

According to one of the in-game manuals, there are currently 15 coins that you can get. But so far, it seems like only 8 exist on the overworld map. However, you might be able to buy the remaining 7 for 999 gems from a merchant, found in a windmill west of your starting location. Not that you can upgrade your charm slots 4 times – the first two upgrades cost 3 coins, the next 4 coins and the last one will require 5.

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