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TUNIC: Where to Find Sword

Fighting with a stick can only get you so far. Here’s how to find a Sword in TUNIC.




Like in many other Zelda-esque games, a Sword will serve as your basic weapon in Tunic. But, before you get it, you’ll need to slash your way to it with a stick in hand.

Where to Find the Sword in TUNIC

Where to Find the Sword in TUNIC

To get the sword, you’ll first have to reach level 3, known as the fortress, located at the top of the stairs you’ll climb at the beginning of the game. Once you’re inside the building, enter the door on the left. Keep in mind that there will be a couple of enemies in your way – remember to collect the stick from a chest near your starting location.

A Sword on a Ledge

Where to Find the Sword in TUNIC

Once you’re in the Eastern portion of the Fortress, head down from the rectangular room to enter a big hall, with a sword on top of a high ledge. You cannot access it from this room – instead, head down the nearby stairs and proceed to find two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Follow the one pointing up.

Stick Fighting

Stick Fighting

In the next room, there are a few slimes you’ll need to take care of before proceeding. Behind them is a ladder you’ll need to climb, Now, head south from the ladder to find another room, with three more enemies to defeat. After beating them, you’ll notice that you’re on top of the ledge you passed on the way here. Now, all you need to do is pick up the sword from its resting place.

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