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The DioField Chronicle: How to Unlock Donovar Sullion

Donovar Sullion is one of the many unlockable units in the game. You can unlock him by completing a certain subquest at Chapter 2.




There are several units that you can unlock as you progress through the story in The DioField Chronicle. One of them is Donovar Sullion who is an axe-wielding unit with some pretty solid armor and stats. As with most units in the game, you need to complete a quest first to unlock him.

Let’s find out how you can do so.

How to Unlock Donovar Sullion in The DioField Chronicle

Credits: FP Good Game

To start, you need to talk to Lorraine. She will mention that an area on North Fields is being attacked by bandits and people are requesting help. In the meantime, a certain defense force is holding back those bandits. That defense force is being led by Donovar Sullion.

As such, it will be your task to provide assistance to him. After the dialog, you will then receive the quest titled A Shield for the People. To start, you want to start the A Job in the North mission.

After completing the mission, you will have a brief conversation with Donovar Sullion.

Then, once you’re back at the base, you want to look for Donovar and talk to him to complete the quest. Once the conversation is over, Donovar will then join your party.

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Genshin Impact: Place of Swallowing Puzzle Solution Guide

Complete this to upgrade your Scarlet Slate





The Scarlet Slate is a brand-new gadget in Genshin Impact. You can upgrade this device by completing a World Quest. It can allow you to access regions in the Sumeru Desert that previously displayed the text “You do not have enough clearance.” We’ll show you how to solve the challenge in the Place of Swallowing, a requirement for one of the World Quest’s missions.

Place of Swallowing Puzzle Solution in Genshin Impact

When you complete the Dual Evidence quest, you will be given the task to “Explore the Place of Swallowing.” To get this, you first need to complete the Golden Slumber and enter Aaru Village with Kalantari.

Solving the Puzzle in the Place of Swallowing

In the Dual Evidence quest, you will come to a stage where you must investigate three locations to get complete clearance. One of these places is The Place of Swallowing within Duat Hall.

Go inside Duat Hall by teleporting there.

You must direct 3 Primal Embers, indicated by the yellow circles in the picture above.

The other Primal Ember to the left is indicated above. You only have to follow them.

The Primal Embers may be broken by these fans, so pay attention when you see them. Remove the Primal Ember from the pedestal when the fan is off to prevent damage.

Bring all 3 Primal Ember to the room’s entrance to get extra clearance and offer them to the monument.

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