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The DioField Chronicle: How to Unlock Skill Tree Rank Level 2

Do this quest to unlock the Skill Tree Rank Level 2.




The game DioField Chronicle has just been released. It is developed by Square Enix and LANCARSE Ltd. It introduces a new real-time battle system called “Real Time Tactical Battle,” and it is also a strategy RPG. In the game, you are going to get Skills Tree Rank, and we are going to show you how you can level it up to Level 2.

How to Unlock Skill Tree Rank Level 2 in The DioField Chronicle

In the game The DioField Chronicle, there are many ways to strengthen your units. One of them is by utilizing the Skill Tree, a menu that you can unlock early in the game.

It lets you add points or SP to upgrade the skills of your characters. You can raise its rank to Level 2 if you do this side quest.

Obtaining Skill Tree Rank Level 2

In Chapter 2, you are going to unlock the subquest Nobility and Chains, which will reward you with a level-up to your Skill Tree upon completion. The final part of the subquest is the “Eliminate the Noble Filth” mission, which can be quite hard, and you might need to strategically position and control your units.

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To accomplish this mission, you need to be Level 12 and defeat all of the enemies. Some opponents are Level 13, a level higher than you, so make sure to bring a healer.

When you finish the mission, your Skill Tree Rank increases to level 2, which unlocks 1 extra item slot.

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