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The DioField Chronicle: How to Defeat Fenrir | Boss Guide

Fenrir is a boss in The DioField Chronicle who you’ll encounter during the Escort the Archbishop quest.




As you go around playing The DioField Chronicle, you will eventually come across a bunch of enemies. Moreover, there are certain enemies that will come in the way of your quest. Take the Escort the Archbishop quest for example where you’ll be confronted by Fenrir during your travel.

If you don’t know how to defeat this boss quickly and easily, then this guide is for you.

How to Defeat Fenrir | Boss Guide in The DioField Chronicle

The objective of this quest is to protect the priests as they make their way toward the pilgrimage. However, along the way, you’ll encounter several enemies including both bandit and beast. The most dangerous one of them is none other than Fenrir who will block your way unless you defeat it.

Luckily, you can use various tactics to defeat this boss quickly and easily.

Fenrir will spawn at the end of the trail, making it the last enemy you’ll encounter in the quest. However, it will also spawn three wolves which you need to quickly dispatch as well. To make the fight a whole lot easier, you have to finish off the smaller wolves as quickly as possible.

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At the same time, you have to prevent Fenrir from summoning any more of them. I highly recommend holding off using your Bahamut charges until you encounter Fenrir. You only want to use those charges on this particular fight.

Now, after you have taken care of the smaller wolves, you want to hold aggro on Fenrir using your tank. To do this, position your tank behind Fenrir and have him taunt the boss to hold aggro. This allows all the other members of your party to deal continuous damage without any interruption from the boss.

Dealing with Four Lives

Do keep in mind that Fenrir has four lives, so you have to conserve your Bahamut as well as your other abilities like Shield Wall. Each time Fenrir loses one life, it will attempt to resummon its wolves. During this time, you want to interrupt the summon by using Shield Bash.

Another important thing to take note of is Fenrir’s Ice Spikes ability. If you’re not careful, these spikes will instantly kill your characters. That’s why it’s important to evade them as much as possible.

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Once you notice red circles around your units, do your best to move them away immediately to avoid the spikes.

Just keep on doing the same tactic which is to hold aggro using your tank and letting your other party members deal damage. Make sure to prevent Fenrir from summoning its wolves, and you should be able to defeat it quickly.

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