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The DioField Chronicle: How to Unlock Unique Weapons in Shop

Unique weapons are some of the most powerful weapons in The DioField Chronicle, but you have to unlock them in the shop first.




The DioField Chronicle features some form of item crafting in the game. While it’s not as fleshed out as other games’ crafting systems, it does offer some pretty amazing weapons that you can equip on your characters.

Technically, what you’ll be doing is unlocking unique weapons so you can purchase them in the shop.

However, you need to unlock them first before you can do so. Let’s find out how in this guide.

How to Unlock Unique Weapons in Shop in The DioField Chronicle

As you progress through the game, you will come across a quest titled “Keeping Up Weapon Maintenance”. All you need to do to complete this is to talk to the Head of Development and upgrade your facility for 1500G.

Once the quest is completed, you’ll then have access to your Weapon Development Rank. Ranking this up will grant you various bonuses depending on the rank. At Ranks 2, 4, and 5, you will be able to unlock new weapons for development.

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For the purpose of this guide, you’ll only need to get to Rank 2 in order to unlock the unique weapons. After that, talk to the Institute NPC, and click on the Weapon Development option. Here, you’ll then notice a bunch of new and unique weapons that you can unlock.

To unlock the weapon of your choice, simply hover over it, and you should be able to see its requirements. It can either be Electrum or Orichalcum bars. After unlocking your weapon of choice, you can then go back to the Weapons merchant to buy it.

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