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Summoners War Chronicles: How To Progress Faster

Farm. Evolve. Repeat.

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summoners war chronicles how to progress faster

Summoners War: Chronicles was released on November 9, 2022, banding players together to defend the Kingdom of Rahil. As a Free-to-Play, Action RPG, progress in the game can sometimes be slow and painful. But this guide is here to help you, brave warriors! Read on if you wish to learn how to progress faster in the game!

How To Progress Faster – Summoners War Chronicles

Newcomers and veterans, casual and hardcore players—Summoners: War Chronicles has content for everyone, but your playstyle might differ depending on your intentions.

Focus on Four-Star Monsters

For those of you who are just looking for a free-to-play game to entertain you once in a while, here’s a valuable tip: don’t focus on five-star monsters.

Your main hero is going to be five stars, and you may also summon another free five-star monster. But while stronger, those creatures are incredibly hard and time-consuming to evolve and awaken!

Instead, you’ll want to dedicate your efforts to your four-star monsters.

summoners war chronicles how to progress faster2
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

Resources are much easier to obtain, and it’s way cheaper to upgrade the characters. You can change your Pieces for four-star food, for example, which you need to evolve your four-star monster.

For the Awakening material, all you need to go into Cairos and farm the Cairos’ Awakening material.

summoners war chronicles how to progress faster3
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

Adventure Record

Following the Adventure Record is the best thing you can do to evolve, progress, and get a bunch of free stuff.

summoners war chronicles how to progress faster4
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

You can do the tasks at any time, but make sure to keep an eye on tasks and rewards that will make your life easier!

Area Dungeon and Monster Story are two other sets of missions you can embark on, but if you want to progress faster, the Adventure Record will be your best friend at the beginning!

Save your Gems

You might feel the compulsion to spend all your Gems in summons, but you should save at least a few of them because you can buy some cool stuff.

An example is the Chaos Essence Box, which is one per account. The Legendary Pickaxe and Legendary Harvest Gloves, on the other hand, are items that you shouldn’t buy.

summoners war chronicles how to progress faster5
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

Now, it’s very important to buy either the Path of Growth or the Essence Dungeon ticket packages, which become available once per week.

Those will allow you to access more Cairos and Essence dungeons, which in turn will reward you with more items.

summoners war chronicles how to progress faster6
Source: TrollGaming from YouTube

Red Gems can also be used to reset the dungeons once you complete your entrance, which is very important given the huge amount of Essence you’ll need in the game.

Diversify your elements

Each campaign chapter challenges you with an element, so a good practice is to have a team composed of different elements.

Although you also have elemental weapons, those should be a complement instead of a tool to do all the work by themselves.

And, perhaps most importantly, have fun!

Thank you TrollGaming for the explanation! If you want to know more, check out his video: Summoners war : Chronicles TIPS AND ADVICE ON HOW TO PROGRESS FASTER !

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