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Sims 4: Complete Knitting Skill Guide

Can you feel the holiday spirit? I sure can with all the knitted decorations I’ve made!




sims 4 complete knitting skill guide

Knitting is the perfect way to decorate accordingly for the holidays but it’s also a great way to make extra money, plus it’s pretty fun if you ask me. Rarely do we see such a narrow pack, as it focuses heavily and exclusively on the craft of knitting.Let’s dive into it!

Complete Knitting Skill Guide – Sims 4

The knitting skill in The Sims 4 allows your sims to create various clothing and household items by knitting on a knitting machine or with knitting needles. As your sims gain skill levels in knitting, you will be able to create more advanced items and sell them for a profit – or keep them for their looks!

As your sims knit, they will gain skill levels and unlock new patterns and designs that they can use to create more advanced items. You can also purchase knitting skill books from the bookstore or public library to gain additional patterns and designs.

In addition to creating clothing and household items, sims with high levels of the knitting skill can also repair torn clothing and restore old clothing to its original condition. Overall, the knitting skill is a great way to earn profit while also creating unique and fashionable items for your sims and others.

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First Steps: Complete Knitting Skill Guide – Sims 4

First of all, you’re going to need a Yarn Basket. To obtain one, you want to search it up in ‘Build Mode’ and purchase either of the two available – Beginner’s Yarn Basket or the Super Stash Yarn Basket.

sims 4 complete knitting skill guide2
The first basket costs 55 Simoleons as shown above, while the other more advanced basket costs 75.

Once the item is in your inventory, you should be all set and able to knit!
To actually start the process, you can click on the basket in your inventory or, alternatively, click on a chair as it should have the knitting option available.

Once you’ve made whichever item you wanted to make, you have a few options as to what to do with the crafted item: you can scrap it and get a small amount of Simoleons in return, you can donate the item to charity, add it to your wardrobe or you can list it on the online marketplace Plopsy to sell it.

sims 4 complete knitting skill guide3
The first basket costs 55 Simoleons as shown above, while the other more advanced basket costs 75.

Keep exploring what all that the ‘Knitting Pack’ has to offer and wear your items with pride!

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