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Season: Tour De Tieng Trophy Guide

Cycling everywhere at the end of time!

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season tour de tieng trophy guide

Relaxing can be a strong word to use especially when you’re aware of the events that are about to unfold in Season. Nevertheless it’s still your responsibility to discover the past and prepare for the future as you go around on your roadster to take photos, record bits of audio, and interact with the locals before the great flood takes over. Might as well do a little bit of sightseeing while you’re at it as you can get a trophy for it! If you like long bike rides, nature, and the end of the world then this trophy guide is just what you’re looking for!

Tour De Tieng Trophy Guide | Season

In order to start this guide you will need to visit the north end of the valley and help Sophon pack for her side quest. After finishing your dialogue with her go out of the camp and you will see a child on a red bicycle, his name is Kochi. Talk to him to begin!

season tour de tieng trophy guide2

Go ahead and say yes once he offers you the tour, asking to do it later might ruin your immersion given that there will be no “later” for Tieng Valley. You’ll learn a few things from Kochi as he takes you around various places. The first you’ll visit should be a tree that he used to play around in a lot.

season tour de tieng trophy guide3

After that he will take you to a new place where he will share more information about his life’s story. Once he’s done he will pose on a rock and ask for his photo to be taken, take his photo to continue.

season tour de tieng trophy guide4

The next place you will be visiting is a parking lot that seems to be housing some sleeping soldiers, you can tell as there are bolt-action rifles lying around the place with them.

season tour de tieng trophy guide5

You’ll visit a few more places with Kochi, once you ride down the cliff the last place will be an old cemetery where you’ll learn more about his father.

season tour de tieng trophy guide6

After finishing the dialogue he’ll hand you the photo that you took earlier before riding off one last time. That concludes the last tour! You should get the trophy as soon as you’re given control of Estelle again. Now go and try the tour for yourself, there’s plenty more to take in!

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