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Season: Grey Hands Praxis 101 Trophy Guide

A Manifesto for the Future!

Alexis Ongsansoy



season grey hands praxis 101 trophy guide

All girls leave home someday, especially you! You’ll be leaving home for good once you step out of Caro and begin your ride towards Tieng Valley. No pressure though, the flood will give you a moment or two. Besides you still have a ton of exploring to do before letting it all end, and with exploration comes trophy hunting! With a captivating environment filled with barren landscapes, rice terraces, and deserted buildings you’re bound to miss a place or two if you’re looking to get a 100% completion rate. That’s where we come in! In this guide we’ll show you how to get the Grey Hands Praxis 101 trophy.

Grey Hands Praxis 101 Trophy Guide | Season

Now the Grey Hands are a busy lot, they’ve been doing different things even before the end started to make its presence known. They run, health clinics, daycare, evacuations, weddings, even minesweeping! Their mark can be seen around Tieng Valley and in one of those places lies the trophy you’re looking for.

season grey hands praxis 101 trophy guide2

After the Grey Hand lets you through the entrance to Tieng Valley go and follow the road going down, you’ll take a few minutes to get there as you will be passing by a few landmarks as you go. You can check those out as well if you like!

season grey hands praxis 101 trophy guide3

After going past the Serene Pond Area you’ll shortly arrive at the Grey Hand assembly point, you can hop off your bike for a while when you get there.

season grey hands praxis 101 trophy guide4

Approach the large arch, make a right turn once you get past the registration booth. You will find set of desks there and one of them will have a stack of flyers on it. Go ahead and pick one up for yourself.

season grey hands praxis 101 trophy guide5

And you’re done! After picking up the flyer you will get the trophy for Grey Hands Praxis 101. Way easier than trying to evacuate an entire valley before midnight. Now go make your way down there and give it a try!

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