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Season: Love Uncoverer Trophy Guide

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season love uncoverer trophy guide

If you’re not touring what’s left of Tieng Valley on your bicycle then there’s a chance that you’re doing two to three other things; taking photos with your camera, recording audio, or organizing your journal to keep your thoughts in check towards the end. If there’s a fourth thing that comes across you then that would be gathering trophies! As everything starts to look like a fleeting memory you still remember how it feels like to be alive by having a 100% completion rate. To get there you will need the Love Uncoverer Trophy, so hop on that bike and let’s look around Tieng Valley one more time!

Love Uncoverer Trophy Guide | Season

To do get this achievement you will have to wait for the sun to go down, in order to do that you need to start doing quests for other people first. When Estelle mentions that night has fallen, this is the time where you head for the Shrine.

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season love uncoverer trophy guide2

Getting to the Shrine is easy, all you have to do is keep following the river once you leave the Grey Hands Assembly Point. The first bridge you see to your left is where you’ll be headed. Go up the same hill that leads to Sophon’s camp and make a left once you see a giant tree root.

season love uncoverer trophy guide3

Follow the path until you see an old treehouse, there should be a white birdhouse with a pendant on it. You’ll know that it’s supposed to be Matyora’s when you interact with it. Go take a picture of that and head back down to the east side.

season love uncoverer trophy guide4

When you see the park bench overlooking the lake head back into the forest until you see the stone bridge again. Go around the back and have another chat with Matyora and wait for her to finish talking. She’ll tell you that the locket you found was a gift from Manchez. After you discover Matyora’s secret romance you will get the Trophy for Love Uncoverer. And that’s how you get things done. There’s plenty of sights to see around the treehouse so go back there and see what else you can find!

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