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Season: Music For Cows Trophy Guide

You can pet the goat!

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season music for cows trophy guide

With how everyone is concerned with the end of the world in Season, you would be surprised to find out that there’s still a grocery list of things that you can do to enjoy the time you have left with everybody. As dark as the days may be ahead you are left unbothered by this as you are on a quest to gather information for future generations and yourself! Information may be scarce though, given that the cataclysm is just around the corner. But that’s where we come in! We’ll give you everything you need to know to get the Music for Cows Trophy in this guide.

Music For Cows Trophy Guide | Season

While exploring Tieng valley you will get the chance to interact with almost everything that isn’t bolted to the ground. That includes animals! In this guide you will head on over to the Cow Farm and fiddle around with a certain object to get the attention of the local herd.

season music for cows trophy guide2

When you get to Tieng valley go and ride all the way down past the giant stone and the spot where you recorded the memory flower. Keep on following the road until you come across the Grey Hands checkpoint. You can’t miss it!

season music for cows trophy guide3

Once you see the checkpoint keep on following the road. Hug the wall to the right until you see a wheat field, go near the right side of the mill and park your bike there.

season music for cows trophy guide4

You’ll find a radio next to a table on top of some speakers, turn that on and keep on changing the channel and a cutscene showing the cows will eventually show up.

season music for cows trophy guide5 4

One of them will get close as the music plays, and that’s it! After the cutscene you will get the Music for Cows Trophy. Try it out for yourself! It’s a shame that they don’t like Jazz though.

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