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Sea of Thieves: How to Complete the Legend of the Veil | The Final Chapter

Legend of the Veil is a Pirate Legends-only Athena’s Fortune Voyage available from the Pirate Lord in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout. Here’s how to complete it;




Legend of the Veil is a new three chapter. The mission is to retrieve three ancient Veil Stones and place them in the Veil of the Ancients. This will restore the mask’s ability to breach the barrier between the Sea of Thieves, where the living dwell, and the Sea of the Damned, where the dead dwell.

How to Complete the Legend of the Veil – Sea of Thieves

The final part of the legend of the veil is quite hard as it is possible to get bombarded with cannonballs also all the time. Things to know;

Defeat the Towers Around the Green Tornado

Three towers surround the central tornado. All of the towers and boats you fight in the final battle can be taken down with any projectile, including blunder bombs, fire bombs, chain shots, cannibals, and curse balls.

These items inflict damage and aid in the defeat of the tower. This means you can defeat towers using only fire bombs.

Requirements to Defeat the Main Fortress

When all of the towers are destroyed, the tornado will lift, revealing the main fortress. The best option is to get as close to the fortress’s rocks as possible, because the main tower won’t be able to fire at you.

Raise the mid sail and front sail to full and the back sail to half, which will cause you to go slower and sail in an anticlockwise direction.

Defeat the Main Fortress

Shoot cannons at the tower with precision; if done correctly, you should be able to defeat it in one full rotation. It’s best to work as a team to defeat the ghost ships.

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