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Sea of Thieves: Where to Keg a Sloop for Most Damage

The Sloop is a very agile ship in Sea of Thieves, so if you’re planning to take down one, you need to figure out where to detonate a powder keg to deal maximum damage.




Raiding ships is a core gameplay mechanic in Sea of Thieves. For the most part, you’ll come across solo players who are riding on a Sloop. This is because the ship is not only small but also agile as well.

As such, it’s the perfect ship for solo players as it lets them sail the seas pretty quickly and even outmaneuver other pirates.

However, if you are aiming to take down one, you need to know which spots to hit to deal maximum damage. We’ll find that out in this article.

Where to Keg a Sloop for Most Damage in Sea of Thieves

Credits: SickStyle Gaming

Season Seven of Sea of Thieves introduced a handful of new stuff that players can uncover. At the same time, it also brought forth some balance changes to the game. One of them is the apparent nerf on powder kegs.

Nonetheless, powder kegs are still pretty destructive. This time, however, you need to know where to hit your target using them to deal the most damage. As for the Sloop, you want to be focusing on the spot just below the ladder which you can find on its mast.

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By doing so, it will deal a ton of damage to the ship as a whole. It can destroy the arms of the steering wheel, blow away the mast, and even burn the majority of the top deck. At the same time, it will create several huge holes in the below deck area.

As long as you can land the keg on the Sloop’s mast, then it will be a whole lot easier to take it down.

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