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Roller Champions: How to Get High on The Wall

Playing Roller Champions does not always rely on gaining speed by clicking the proper buttons, getting high on the wall is another achievement to complete, here’s how.




Roller Champion is a roller-skating competition that give player an exciting mode for games. It is about aiming to gain speed in every round and face different challenges and trophies for gamers to compete with and collect.

How to Get High on The Wall

It takes a minute to master how to get high on the wall when you are playing roller champion. Aside from the boost it gives to the speed of the character, it will also give you an achievement called “Hitting cloud nine”.

The basic step on hitting the wall is by building up speed towards either of the two walls. After creating a good speed performance, try to jump high and burst down while doing the same tricks over again towards the opposite walls.

Once you reach the highest position, hold the analogue stick you are using towards the opposite side where your character was then performing a high jump. Jumping high will allow you to touch the wall and get an achievement, it will also allow your character to gain more speed which is good when you are competing.

Perks of Hitting the Wall

When you master how to easily get high and hit the highest part of the wall, it will allow you to gain more speed. Make sure to have space when you are competing with other person before jumping and bursting.

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