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Roller Champions: How To Be A Goalkeeper | Goalkeeping 101

Roller Champions is Ubisoft’s newest free-to-play game, and in case you missed it, the verdict is: it’s pretty excellent.




It’s a simple skating game where you race around an arena throwing balls into a goal, but it has a competitive and tactical element that makes it feel much more complex than it appears on the surface.

How To Be A Goalkeeper | Goalkeeping 101 – Roller Champions

In this guide, we will be breaking down Goalkeeping tips you need to know like yesterday to help you play and win. Goalkeeping is crucial, especially at higher gameplay, because teams are more advanced, and you will need to save more shots.

Stalling On The Wall 

This is done by uppercutting and tackling repeatedly. Spacing yourself helps your uppercut stamina regenerate, so you stay on the wall longer. This prevents shots from coming in and gives your teammates a chance to catch up to the ball carrier and land tackles. The stall is better than a long jump because that’s realistically not viable. Staying on the wall ensures that the offensive player waits until you come down or a pass opens up.

Watch Out for Offensive Players

The best time to stall is when the goal opens because you can’t predict accurately when the shot will come in. Also, watch out for the offensive player charging their image and going around the goal because the offensive player can score the ball from the front or back of the plan. Finally, you can transfer through the goal and make an interception to prevent a score by tackling or doing a roundhouse kick by using the X button or jumping and then pressing X to do the roundhouse kick.

Be Careful

Be careful not to uppercut right into the goal, as this might ruin your uppercut animation. Instead, use the brake button to position yourself before the goal and then stall there. If you successfully stall the players and decide to go for a three-lap, the best defense is to go on clockwise and meet the opposition at the 3 4 bowls. This gives you an early rotation, and you can reset to counter the two-lap play.

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