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Roller Champions: Ultimate Strategy Guide | How to Play

Roller Champion is not about the speed and numbers of shot you got the entire round, there are also achievements and strategies to learn and here’s how:




There is a basic way on how to play Roller Champion. Aside from learning the different strategies needs to win the game, there are also ultimate strategies, you and your team may use to gain more points and win more lapses throughout the entire round.

Roller Champions: Ultimate Strategy Guide | How to Play

Possession with the ball is the basic needs when you want to win a round. Shooting and guarding it is the second most important to secure a lap, but the most important part is to know where are the perfect spots where the balls may spawn.

Ball Spawns

There are four locations where the balls will spawn and each of them will spawn both on the opposite corners of the arena. Positioning your character on the spawn place of the ball will give you an advantage of getting it really quick.


After getting the ball, proper positioning of team mates is the next strategy that you need to apply when playing.

Make sure that the offensive side is better than the defensive side to ensure that the ball will hit the goal and will get by your teammate. Your teammates may position to where the ball will spawn. It will help your team to catch the ball easily.


When the enemy team has the ball, the best tactic is to follow the team’s movement and find a better position to snatch the ball.

It is not necessary that all of your team should follow the carrier at once, you can also use the ball spawn position as a line up while waiting for your time to engage.

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