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Roller Champions: How to Gain More Speed and Height

Playing roller champion is all about speed, here’s how you can do it.




Roller Champion is a free game that aims to be fast, the faster you are, the more lapses you can get. More lapses mean more points you can get, giving you better score goals at the end of the game.

Controls When Speeding Up

Here are the basic steps of gaining speed in Roller Champions

For Xbox Gamer: Hold the Rt/R2

For Computer Gamer: Hold Shift

Pressing these keys will allow you to move around giving you a 30kph speed, you can improve this speed by pressing LT/L2 (for Xbox Gamers) or Ctrl (for PC Gamers), it will allow you to tuck down your knees and burst the speed up to 120kph.

Another Method to Gain more Speed and Height

Aside from pressing the RT/R2 or Shift button, the other effective method to gain more speed and height is by; skating side by side on the ring while crouching then bombing the slope. Crouching while skating side by side will allow your character to move around faster gaining 70-80kph per burst.

Furthermore, you can also combine the crouching and pumping to gain a better speed. Changing your tackle, may also increase the burst of your roller.

Advancement When Playing with Friends

Another method to gain more speed and height when playing roller champions is by teaming up with your friends. There is a drafting system that allows your character to sit on someone’s slip stream.

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