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Mobile Legends: How to Link Google Account

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There are a number of benefits to linking your Mobile Legends account with your Google account. Not only does it give you access to some in-game rewards, linking your accounts will also make your Mobile Legends account more secure.

So, how do you link your Google account with Mobile Legends?

How to Link Google Account

the icon on the top left of your screen will let you access the game's settings

Linking your account is a fairly straightforward process. To link your account, you will need to go to the Account Settings menu. You can access the Account Settings by clicking on your profile picture at the top left of your screen.

selecting tap to connect will allow you to link your google account

After clicking on your profile picture, Account Settings can be found under the Account option. Once you are in Account Settings, you need to click on “Tap to Connect” next to “Google Play Games”.

allow mobile legends to access your contacts

The game will then ask for access to your contacts. To proceed, you need to select the Allow option. Doing this will show you all the Google accounts saved on your device. Select the one you want to link to your Mobile Legends account.

If you link your Facebook account alongside the Google one, you can claim a unique reward. Other than that, linking your TikTok account can also get you a cool new item. These items are pretty much free, so don’t miss out on them!

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