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Mobile Legends: How to Play Beatrix| Hero Guide| Best Skills Combo And Build

And Build
With four weapon sets, eleven skills, and the ability to switch weapons, Beatrice’s playstyle and combinations can be overwhelming at first.




When Beatrix was first introduced in Mobile Legends. Many players were raving about her. A hero that can bring four types of weapons on the battlefield and freely choose and use two actively sounds like a good deal.

Unlike other heroes where you can just pick up and play, Beatrix will take some time to use effectively.

 Her difficulty doesn’t come from how to use her skills or combo sets effectively like Fanny, for example, it’s the sheer number of skills, attack patterns and playstyle that tend to confuse players while switching weapons mid-game.

In this Guide, we will be discussing the only hero that has 4 weapons to choose from on the battlefield, Beatrix and how to use Her effectively in Mobile Legends.

Beatrix Guide in Mobile Legends

Let’s first talk about Her weapons. She has four weapons to choose from and each weapon favours a certain attack type.

The weapon she equips brings her new basic attacks, skill 1 and ultimates. Each has its own cooldown timer which means she can use all four weapon ultimates as soon as she switches the weapon.

Passive skills

The Mechanical Genius Passive buff has different effects depending on her equipped weapon. Nibiru is Beatrix’s Machine Gun weapon. Her mechanical genius passive buffs are listed above. Nibiru is her only weapon that has an auto-aim.

Mechanical Genius passive (Renner)

Renner is Her Sniper Rifle, this changes her weapon’s basic attack into a longshot. Holding down the attack button lets Beatrix aim her weapon. The aim starts wide and slowly zones in front of her. Releasing the attack button lets her fire her weapon which deals high damage to a target.

Mechanical Genius Passive (Bennet)

Bennet is Beatrix’s grenade launcher. Holding down the attack button lets you do area attack damage. Releasing the attack button bombarded the target area with rocket grenades and slowed enemies within the attack radius.

Mechanical Genius (Wesker)

Wesker is Beatrix’s shotgun. This is her close-range weapon which deals damage in front of her. This weapon also has an area of effect damage and is good for clearing creeps.

All her weapons deal 60% of her attack damage. Each weapon has a specific number of bullets and she will have to reload her weapon once her magazine is spent.

Skill 1 Masterful Gunner

Although she has 4 weapons, Beatrix can only carry 2 weapons at a time. She switches between weapons using her first skill Masterful Gunner. This takes. 06 seconds to prepare and once she switches, she can then use the weapon in the field.

Need Backup (Special Skill)

To choose a different weapon load out, Beatrix has a special weapon skill called need backup. This is located at the bottom of the screen next to your recall button and battle skills.

Tactical Reposition ( 2nd skill)

If you ever find yourself in need to reload quickly or dodge enemies, use Beatrix’s second skill Tactical Reposition.

This makes you roll forward and reload your weapon at the same time. It can also be used to dash over walls which makes it a good escape skill when cornered.

3rd Skills based on the equipped weapon

Nibiru’s Passion lets Her spray bullets in an arc in front of her that deals physical damage as well as lifesteal. The lifesteal you get is 25% of your Physical damage which cannot be increased by Spell vamp items in the game.

3rd Skill Wesker’s Elation

These deals burst-type AOE physical damage in front of her by blasting foes with ultra bullets from her shotgun. This also grants her 50% physical lifesteal that cannot be increased further by Spell Vamp items.

3rd Skill Bennett’s Rage

Beatrix launches a series of bombardments 5 times into a target area. Aside from dealing additional damage, it also slows enemy movement speed in the area by 30% as well as 25% Physical Lifesteal which cannot be increased further by Spell Vamp items.

3rd Skill Renner’s Apathy

Renner’s Apathy is the improved version of the Sniper Rifles Longshot attack. It grants a longer range and higher physical damage. Like her basic attack, the Longshot requires you to line up your shot and let go of the skill button which deals high burst damage to the target if it hits.

Battle Spells

Flicker seems to be the best battle spell to use even when she takes the jungler role. Her assortment of high-damage skills can clear most jungle mobs easily without relying on retribution.

Using her on the side Lane will require her to quickly position herself away if she gets caught in fights.

Being a Marksman hero, she does high damage but also suffers from a low HP count so the flicker spell coupled with her second skill can distance her safely from enemies.

Emblem Set

Equip her with the Marksman emblem and max talent points on Physical Lifesteal and attack speed

 Top it off with the Electro Flash talent to increase Movement and HP after her basic attacks.

Item Build

For movement speed, equip her with warrior boots which  her movement speed and grants her physical defense. Demon Hunter sword is good to increase her attack speed and gives extra additional damage based on enemy total hit points which is a great counter for enemies with high hit points.

The Blade of Despair grants the highest Physical Attack damage bonus which will be a good combination with her already high damage output weapons.

Haas Claws is a good combination for her submachine gun because it grants physical lifesteal for basic attacks as well as additional damage.

For armors, go with Queens wing which grants her damage reduction as well as health while raising her lifesteal on basic attacks when her health dips below 40%.

Top it off with immortality to grant her one resurrect in case you get caught by the enemy.

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