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Mobile Legends: Ultimate Marksman Guide

Playing as a Marksman can be rewarding as long as you play them right.




Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game or MOBA. Exclusive for Mobile, this game has quite a following and is one of the Esport events in the 2019 ASEAN Games.

The Game lets you join a team of 5 players on a 5v5 battle Arena where the objective is to clear lanes and destroy towers and ultimately destroy the opposing team’s Nexus or base.

In this Guide, we will be giving you a few tips and tricks on how to play one of 5 roles in the game, the Marksman in Mobile Legends.

Ultimate Marksman Guide in Mobile Legends

Each player is assigned a role in your five-man squad. Marksman Heroes are long-range units notorious for their high damage output that can be monstrous in the late game but are fairly weak when starting.

To date, there are 21 Marksmen heroes a player can choose from. The different heroes have different play styles and but their overall game strategy stays the same. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of being a Marksman is essential for you to enjoy your game as well as stack up your KDA stats.

Be Careful in the Early Game

Source: ML Guide

As you start the game as a Marksman there are three things you have to take to heart. Positioning, awareness and survivability.

The objective that you have to focus on early in the game is not to get yourself killed, farm gold and purchase your core equipment.

Being a ranged hero means you have a much lower HP than other roles second only to assassins or junglers.

positioning yourself behind your creeps and constantly checking your map for possible ambushes or ganks as well as planning a route for you to quickly get away from a sticky situation will be your main contribution to your team.

Know your Lane and use Signals

The Gold Lane is where you must defend when starting. This lane gives you additional gold per creep wave which is a must-have for any marksman. Never engage enemies or initiate team fights early in the game.

If your lane is being contested by a Marksman of the opposing team, try to harass the enemy to make him retreat while positioning yourself behind your creep wave. You don’t have to last-hit enemy creeps to earn gold, positioning yourself close still grants you gold even if you don’t attack.

When contested by two enemies in the gold Lane, (usually by a tank and marksman) stay a safe distance away from them and clear the minion wave within the safety of your tower.

Tanks will constantly try to bait you by presenting themselves as a target while the enemy marksman will try to position themselves close to you to deal damage.

When this happens, stay close to your tower and signal for your allies to gank. When your allies come to your rescue, position yourself to hit the enemy marksman first.

Remember, taking risks by going in and killing a hero can be rewarding but the risks you take while doing so are the rewards.

When to engage

Once you reach level 4 and have unlocked your ultimate then that’s when you can think about engaging and killing enemies.

If you have a support or tank with you then so much the better. Wait for your companion to initiate the fight and position yourself where you can attack the enemy.

Be aware of the minimap though and look for your enemies on the map. You just might be walking. Into an ambush and end up feeding the enemy.

Other ways to farm gold

For the first ten minutes, you won’t be able to deal damage to the enemy towers. Instead, they will have a yellow life bar for shields which you can attack that grants you extra gold.

Whenever possible, try to prioritise damaging the yellow shield bar from towers to give you extra gold which you will need to get your core items.

Don’t farm jungle objectives

This is one common mistake marksmen do when playing. Leaving your lane and farming for gold on jungle monsters leaves your lane open to attack.

At the same time, getting the jungle buffs and mobs handicaps your Jungle team member which leaves them at a disadvantage in the game.

 To optimize the jungle rewards and xp, junglers can get extra xp on jungle monsters which they sorely need to help the team to win.

 They should be the first to level up fast so they can roam and perform ganks on enemies so leave the jungle objectives to them.

One exception is the gold buff that you get from the crab in your lane. You can freely get that to give you an edge every time they Spawn.

Get at least 2 Core items

Core items are equipment you will use throughout the game. Depending on the Hero you are using, these core items vary.

Usually, core items are end-game items that favour either attack speed, critical damage, overall damage or life steal. Once you get at least two of them, then you are ready to lead a more active role in the team.

Pressure the enemy team by pushing on Towers or killing off enemies. In the late game where you have your equipment set, you can even solo Lords and low HP enemies such as mages, marksmen and assassins.

Be careful not to get stunned since even in the late game, your hero will still be easy to kill.

Adapt and change your role according to the situation

The final tip we have for you is to adapt and plan your strategy depending on the situation. Sometimes the game won’t entirely go your way. Actively communicating with your teammates and changing your strategy can change a sure defeat into a comeback and a win.

If you are constantly getting killed on the gold Lane, stay close to the tower and bide your time. Switch your equipment to do tower pushes instead of farming for core items any way you can.

Other times, you might be given the role of an assassin. When this happens, concentrate on farming the jungle and focus on ganking.

There were even times when we had to take the role of a roamer or tank since the team composition we had was made up entirely of mages and marksmen.

Knowing your role and adapting to any situation not only makes you a better marksman but a great team player as well.

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