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Mobile Legends: How to Get the Perfect KDA Score

Your KDA score is low? It may not be because you’re lacking kills but defense.




Like other MOBAs, Mobile Legends uses a Kill to Death Ratio to evaluate player performance in a given game. If yours is falling behind or you would like to make sure your score is good, this guide is for you.

Checking your KDA Score

To check your KDA, tap on the Profile option located to the top left corner of your main screen, open Battlefield then Statistics. Among other data like Number of Matches or Win Rate.

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Getting your KDA Score Up

It’s a common pitfall to think that what matters most for a good KDA is the number of kills. In a way, it’s true – but it’s not the kills you impose over the enemy team, it’s the kill they impose over you. This is because of how KDA is calculated. Check out the following formula:

KDA = (Kills+Assists) / (Deaths+1)

If you had, for example, 20 Kills, 9 Assists, and 8 Deaths, your KDA would be 3.2 despite the huge number of Kills and Assists. That’s because as Death is the divisor, that’s the value you want to watch out for. Reducing the amount of Deaths you get during a match will significantly improve your KDA, even if you get less Kills and Assist. Want proof?

Let’s say you get 6 Kills, 6 Assist, and 1 Death. What’s your KDA?

6. You get a KDA of 6 even though it’s much less Kills and Assists than in the previous example. As you can see, the strategy of rushing in and bringing everyone down with you despite looking awesome isn’t really that effective.

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