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Mobile Legends: Magic Items Guide | Best Items to Use

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If you feel your magic damage hero is not doing as much damage as they can or should, you are probably right.

What could be hindering them is the choice of a magic item, so we put together this guide to make choosing easier for you. Join us as we cover Mobile Legends’ magic items and why you should use them.

Genius Wand

The first item in our guide is the Genius Wand.

It gives +75 magic power and +5% movement speed. Its unique attribute grants +10 magic pen and its unique passive reduces the magic defense of an enemy by 3 to 7 points (it scales with the hero’s level) for two seconds and can stack up to three times.

By that nature the Genius Wand is best equipped with magic heroes that deal multiple hits in quicker succession, this will place all 3 stacks as quickly as possible and maximize the hero’s damage. The Genius Wand also makes a good combination with the Arcane Boots and the Mage Emblem, letting you reach up to 39.5 magic penetration. Remember that negative defense is equal to an increase to your attack!

Clock of Destiny

The second item of our guide is the Clock of Destiny.

It gives +60 magic power, +615 HP and +600 Mana. It’s unique passive, Time, adds +25 HP and +4 Magic Power every 20 seconds, up to twelve stacks. Once the twelve stacks have been reached, you will also receive an extra 5% Magic Power and 300 Mana for a whooping total of +115.5 Magic Power, +915 HP, and +900 Mana.

As the stacks come with time, the clock is best used in characters that benefit of greater quantities of Mana and HP in the Late Game, such as Vale or Eudora. The Clock of Destiny also combos well with the third item of our guide:

Lightning Truncheon

The Lightning Truncheon grants +75 Magic Power, +300 Mana, and a cooldown reduction of 10%.

It’s unique passive, Resonate, deals between 20 to 1000 magic damage up to 3 enemies every 6 seconds. The amount of damage dealt scales with your hero’s mana, based on the following formula:

Resonate’s Magic Damage = (0.3 x Mana) – 300

Since it’s damage it’s mana based, the Lightning Truncheon works best on Mages with larger pools like Kagura, Pharsa, or Cecillion. It will pair well with any other item that happens to increase mana as well.

Fleeting Time

The fourth item of our guide is Fleeting Time.

It grants +70 Magic Power, +350 Mana, and a cooldown reduction of 15%. Its unique passive is simple and powerful: each kill or assist will reduce the Ultimate’s cooldown of the hero equipped with it. While its unique passive would work on any unit, it’s better to equip Fleeting Time on mages and supports, as they also benefit from its stats.

It works best with Ultimate-centric heroes, like Kadita, Kagura, Vale, Angela, and Diggie, among others. Heroes that have Ultimate with low cooldowns shouldn’t be considered for this item.

Blood Wings

The fifth item of our guide is Blood Wings.

Blood Wings grants a massive amount of +175 Magic Power and 500 HP. It’s unique passive will grant you a shield that scales off your Magic Power. If the shield breaks, you gain another after 30 seconds.

The amount scale is 200%. It works excellently with mages that have huge magic scales like Eudora.

Calamity Reaper

The sixth item of our guide is Calamity Reaper.

The Calamity Reaper grants a massive amount of +70 Magic Power, +100 Mana, +6 Mana Regen, and a cooldown reduction of 10%.

It’s unique passive, Calamity, will make the basic attack you use after using a skilled deal true damage equal to 120% of your Magic Power, then briefly grants a +10% buff to movement speed. There’s a cooldown of 1.5 seconds between each trigger of this passive.

The heroes most benefitted from this item are Aamon, Gussion, Harith, Alice, and Karina. Why? Because they have skills with low cooldowns, letting you abuse the passive more often.

Glowing Wand

The seventh item of our guide is Glowing Wand.

The Glowing Wand grants +75 Magic Power, +400 HP, and +5% Movement Speed. It’s unique passive, Scorch, will trigger after you have hit an enemy with skill. The effect burns targets for 3 seconds, dealing Magic Damage equal to 1.5% of the target’s max HP per second and increasing the amount of damage they take from Magic by 2 to 4, with a max of 6 stacks.

Speed is what matters with this item: heroes like Valir or Harley that can deal continuous damage will melt the opponent’s HP with this item’s passive.

Ice Queen Wand

The eight-item of our guide is Ice Queen Wand.

The Glowing Wand grants +75 Magic Power, +10% Magic Lifesteal, +150 Mana, and +7% Movement Speed. Its unique passive, Ice Bound, will slow down enemies (that suffered damage by your skills) by 15% for 3 seconds. The effect stacks up to 2 times.

As a Crowd Control item, it’s better used on heroes like Valir, Yve, or Lylia. Its Magic Lifesteal also makes it a solid choice for heroes with short CD reduction skills or those that deal continuous damage and don’t want an enemy to get far away from them.

Concentrated Energy

The ninth item of our guide is Concentrated Energy.

The Glowing Wand grants +70 Magic Power and +700 HP. Its unique attribute also grants +25% Magic Lifesteal, and its unique passive, Recharge, recovers 10% of your max HP after a kill.

This is a good item for heroes who deal huge amounts of damage but need to get close to do so, and often get hit in return. Unlike some other items, there’s no need to optimize this one and it can be used with Fighters heroes rather than Mages.

Holy Crystal

The tenth item of our guide is Holy Crystal.

Holy Crystal gives +100 Magic Power, not quite a huge amount considering it doesn’t give anything else… but it’s unique passive, Mystery, increases Magic Power by the insane amount of 21% to 35%, according to your hero’s level.

As such, it’s a perfect item to combine with Blood Wings or Clock of Destiny, and it works amazingly on Vale, Eudora, and other heroes that want to burst enemies down in mid to late game.

Divine Glaive

The eleventh item of our guide is Divine Glaive.

Divine Glaive grants +65 Magic Power. Its unique attribute increases your Magic Penetration by 35%, and it’s unique passive, Spellbreaker, further increases your Magic Penetration by 0.1% for each point the enemy has of Magic Defense. The effect of Spellbreaker caps at 20%.

The Divine Glaive is more of a situational item, as it works based on your opponent and not your hero. If you happen to be in a match with a tank or fighter that has huge amounts of Magic Defense, this is your go-to, while if the opposition has low amounts of Magic Defense it isn’t anywhere near as useful.

Shadow Twinblades

The twelfth item of our guide is the Shadow Twinblades.

Shadow Twinblades  grants +75 Magic Power, +15 Magic Lifesteal, and +5% Movement Speed. It’s unique passive, Assassination, make your next Basic Attack deal 200 plus 50% of your Magic Power as extra Magic Damage, while slowing the opponent down by 60% for 1.5 seconds – IF you haven’t dealt or taken damage from enemy heroes in the last 5 seconds.

Of course, the Twinblades are best used by Magic Assassins  in a hit-and-run playstyle to get the effect, as it requires you not to hit nor get hit.

Necklace of Durance

The thirteenth item of our guide is the Necklace of Durance.

Necklace of Durance grants +60 Magic Power, a cooldown reduction of 5%, and +10% Magic Lifesteal. Its unique passive, Life Drain, makes your attacks reduce the enemy’s Shield and HP Regen by 50% for 3 seconds.

Similarly to the Divine Glaive, the Necklace is more dependent in your matchup than your hero itself, but its common use is by Mages to counter regen or shield-based heroes, especially those with stronger heal abilities like Esmeralda or Estes.

Feather of Heaven

The fourteenth item of our guide is the Feather of Heaven.

Feather of Heaven grants +55 Magic Power, a cooldown reduction of 5%, and +30% attack speed. Its unique passive, Affliction, makes your Basic Attacks deal 50 plus 30% of your Magic Power as extra Magic Damage.

Since this item is all about basic attacks, it is best used with heroes that already rely on that, like Silvanna or Guinevere. A note of mention is that Affliction can be triggered three times in a single basic attack when the Golden Staff passive, Endless Strike, is triggered.

Winter Truncheon

The fifteenth item of our guide is the Winter Truncheon.

Winter Truncheon grants +60 Magic Power, +25 Physical Defense, and +400 HP. Unlike other items it has no passive but rather an Active Skill called Frozen: it will freeze your own hero for 2 seconds, time during which you can’t do anything but you will be immune to all forms of damage and debuffs.

You can avoid certain death with a well-timed Frozen, but it has a cooldown of 100 seconds. The Winter Truncheon is useful for all mages in late-game and is mostly dependent on the player to make good use of it.

Enchanted Talisman

The last item of our guide is the Enchanted Talisman.

Enchanted Talisman grants +50 Magic Power, +250 HP, and a cooldown reduction of 20%. It has two unique passives. Mana Spring will regenerate +15% of your max mana every 10 seconds, and Magic Mastery will increase the cooldown reduction limit by a flat 5%.

You will want to use it with heroes that have “mana problems”, like Lylia, Esmeralda, or Luo Yi, as they rely plenty on skills and constantly eat mana. Spam to your heart’s content!

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