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Mobile Legends: How to Play Yin| Hero Guide| Best Skills Combo And Build

Trying out a jungler role and having a hard time surviving? Pick yin as you get accustomed to the Assasin Role in your team.




The assassin’s role in Mobile Legends is for players who want to rack up kill counts. They are usually the ones who level up faster and acquire their ultimate skill early to help gank opponents, steal the enemy jungle lane, and are usually the carry hero in the team.

Their high damage output is balanced with a low hp and is one of the roles that is constantly being harassed or hunted by enemies in the field.

Due to their low health, most players find it hard to adjust to playing the Assasin role. Usually, players pick the safer roles like tanks or fighters since the former has great sustainability with their high Hp or a decent life and attack.

In this guide, we will be showing you how to make the transition to an assassin by picking the fighter hero Yin in Mobile Legends.

Hero Guide on How to Play Yin in Mobile Legends

Yin is a great fighter with burst damage as well as control. His skill sets and passive makes him a good jungler as well. With decent life and high damage and control skills, he is usually one of the heroes that new players pick to learn how to play the Assasin role in the team.

Passive Skills

His passive buff, “Leave it to Me” increases his attack damage by 120% when there are no allies within 4 yards from him.

This passive is tailored well for assassins since their role is to gank enemies deep into enemy territory. The extra damage not only affects basic attacks but his active skills as well.

The extra damage also affects creeps, Lords, jungle monsters, and buffs in the game.

Skill 1 Charged Punch

Image Source: NoLogic Gamer

His first active skill is Charged Punch. Activating it will grant him 60% extra movement speed which decays over time. This is perfect for chasing enemies as well as fleeing.

In his charged form, he can deliver two enhanced basic stacks that deal 25 plus 100% Physical attack damage. His second basic attack delivers 320 plus 200% extra physical attack damage as well as reduces his skill cooldown by 35%.

Skill 2 Instant Blast

His second skill is a blink skill. Yin Dashes forward leaving behind golden Rings that catch up to him and deal damage when hitting enemies and stunning them for 1 second.

Ultimate Skill My Turn

When casting his ultimate skill, Yin Changes into Lieh and sends both him and the enemy hero into his domain to fight. This is similar to Dota 2’s Legion Commander Ultimate called Duel.

While inside the domain, they both cannot be targeted by other heroes and skills. Lieh has enhanced damage and defense inside the domain which lasts for 8 seconds.

If Lieh Manages to kill an enemy in his domain, he will be transported back to the map and can continue to fight as Lieh for another 8 seconds.

As Lieh, your skills will change into enhanced versions of Yin’s skills. His first skill now changes into an area effect damage where he pounds the ground continuously.

His second dash skill is also transformed into a flying kick where the rings that damage the enemy now deal a 1.25-second stun instead of 1.

Battle Spells

Flicker is a good spell for Yin if you plan on playing him as a fighter. The extra dash that flicker gives is a good addition for him to chase or position himself to deal damage to enemies.

As an Assasin, use retribution. Retribution deals small damage to enemies and slows them which is also good for yin when he tries to catch up on the enemy.

Emblem Set Fighter

For the fighter, set use your point to upgrade physical attack and penetration. For the fighter, talent uses the Festival of Blood which increases his spell vamp up to 12%.

Emblem Set Assasin

As an Assasin, focus on leveling the Cooldown Reduction and Armor Penetration. Use the High and Dry Talent to increase his damage output further once you send opponents into Lieh’s Domain.

Item Builds

For a fighter build, start by giving him Warrior Boots. This increases movement speed while giving 15% defense.

Next, Go for the Bloodlust Axe and try to get it as fast as you can. This will give you an extra spell vamp that works well with the festival of blood emblem talent.

When having problems with mage heroes, get Athena Shield first. If you are having problems with ranged physical attacks or physical damage, go for the brute force breastplate to easily chase enemies and give you extra defense.

Get the war axe to increase your basic attack and top it off with the Blade of Despair to further increase your total physical damage.

Skill Combination

Here is the skill combo you should be focusing on for Yin. Start with your skill 1 buff skill to give you the extra speed boost to engage the enemy.

Dash forward with your Skill 2 and launch your two enhanced attacks to trap and stun your opponent.

Use your Ultimate to lock down the enemy and try to defeat him in your domain. If they manage to survive, use skill 2 to chase and activate skill 1 again for damage.

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