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Icarus: How to Place a Door

Doors are a basic but essential utility to survive the harsh world of the survival game Icarus.




In Icarus, doors can provide your base with extra resistance to the elements. This makes them essential to guaranteeing that your base stays in top shape. Which of course means you will be safer, too.

Requisites for Placing a Door

Before we start, you should know that you first have to unlock the blueprint using blueprint points. You get 3 points every time you level up. Simply unlock the wood door for starters.

Now, as to why you would want doors in your base. The answer is pretty simple: they protect both you and your objects from the weather and other elements, just like windows. Make sure to shut your door whenever the weather conditions are bad or you leave your base.

You can also only place doors next to walls that have a doorway. When you’re about to place a wall, press the R key to bring up a radial menu. This menu shows different types of walls you can place. Just pick the one with a door frame and the type of doorway you wish to place.

How to Place a Door in Icarus

Anyway, with that out of the way, you now simply need to craft a door. After crafting the door, deploy it and aim at the doorway you previously placed. The door will show up as green once you aim at the doorway, snapping it in place. Generally, you may need to aim at the very edge of the doorway to make it snap. That’s really all there is to it! Your base now has a door. Again, make sure to leave it closed during unfavorable weather conditions and when you leave to explore.

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