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Icarus: How To Level Up Fast

Leveling up in the survival game Icarus is a crucial element. Each level grants the player one talent point and three blueprint points.




As with most survival games, the start of Icarus can be somewhat brutal. You will want to level up as quick as possible so that you can obtain talents and blueprints to enhance your survivability.

How To Level Up Fast in Icarus

Obtaining experience in Icarus is a fairly simple and straightforward affair. Everything you do gives you experience points. Be it hunting, crafting or gathering. Every action matters when it comes to accumulating levels. That said, certain things can certainly get you experience early way faster.


One very fast method is to just chop tree downs. All this requires is a stone axe, some food and an area with a lot of trees. Chop trees until they start to fall. When they start to fall, just move on to the next tree without stopping to split the logs. This should get you a lot of experience fairly fast early on.

Alternatively, you can kill two birds with one stone if you do stop to chop down the logs and obtain wood. When your stamina runs out, you can stop to craft wood walls with the wood you’ve collected. This gives you something to do while you wait for your stamina to regenerate, but also prepares you for setting up your base later.

Crafting and Breaking Down

This is a bit of a silly method, but it can help get some experience quickly. It can even be done in combination with the previous method. Simply find an easy to craft recipe and craft as many as you can. Arrows and walls are good examples of easy recipes. Then break them all down, which gives you half of your resources back to craft more. You can get into this loop of crafting and dismantling until you run out of materials. It’s an easy way to get some experience.


Mining is another simple method. It’s not quite as fast, but it does require the least effort and attention. Simply obtain a stone pickaxe and start hitting rocks with it. It’s as simple as that, making it one of the easiest ways to get experience early on.



Later on when you have more resources at your disposal, you’ll want to start hunting. Animals give a lot of experience, specially predators. This is, of course, much riskier than the other methods. But once you can get the hang of hunting down predators, you’ll be getting lots of experience very fast. Transition zones that are between biomes tend to have animals in larger numbers, so they’re your best bet if you’re feeling confident.

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