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Icarus – New Blueprint Guide | Best Way to Spend Tech Points in Missions & Open World

Take your gameplay to new heights like Icarus from Greek Mythology with this guide.

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Today, we will be sharing with you a comprehensive guide on the best way to spend your tech points in both missions and the open world on Icarus. We know that tech points can be a valuable resource in Icarus and understanding how to best use them can give you a significant advantage. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of Icarus and learn how to maximize our tech point usage.

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Blueprints Tier 1 – Tools and Weapons

Tier one of the blueprint tree is a great place to start when playing Icarus. The first thing you should pick up are the Stone Piles and Wood Piles.

The next two items you should pick up are the Stone Axe and Stone Pickaxe. These are the first tools you will have access to, so it is important to pick them up early.

After that, you should get the Campfire and Bedroll. These are very useful and will be used throughout your time in Icarus.

The next items you should get are the Wooden Spear and Bone Spear. These are both options, but the Stone Knife serves the same purpose.

The Wood Rag Torch is something you should get pretty early on. This will give you a way to see in the dark.

The Wood Bow and Stone Arrows, as well as Bone Arrows, are important to pick up after you get your starting tools, bedroll, and campfire. These will be your main way of hunting down animals, getting XP, food, leather, and hide fur.

icarus new blueprint guide best way to spend tech points in missions open world

Blueprints Tier 1 – Bandages, Armor, Building Parts

When it comes to basic medical supplies, the most important items to have are a basic bandage, a cooling bandage, a suture kit, a splint, and a heat bandage. The basic bandage is the most important item to have, as it can be used to treat minor wounds from animals and other sources. The suture kit is also important, as it can be used to treat deeper wounds.

The last items to consider are the thatch and wood building pieces. It is important to get either the thatch or wood base up to the ramp, as this will allow you to build structures. It is also nice to have the ladder, as it can be used to climb up to higher areas. However, it is not necessary to have the ladder, as you can use a ramp instead.

Blueprints Tier 2 – Crafting Bench, Tools, Early Benches

Crafting is an essential part of Tier Two in the game. The Bench is the most important item as it is the only way to craft pretty much everything in this tier. The Oxite Dissolver is also critically important as it is used to fill up oxygen tanks. The Anvil Bench is also critically important as it is used to craft all the tools in this tier. Iron and Steel picks are the most important tools in this category, but an exotic pick is not necessary. The Crossbow can be nice if you like using them, but most people do not use them, so it is best to stick with a regular bow.

Blueprints Tier 2 – Furnace, Short Range Radio

Moving further along, we’ve got our Stone Furnace, which is critically important because this is how we’re going to have access to being able to cook iron and cook copper and smelt it all down and make it into other things. So definitely got to pick that one up. Then we’ve got our Fireplace, which is an optional one here but we do recommend it as the Fireplace is nice to have. It lets you cook things indoors without fear of lighting yourself on fire and burning your whole house down.

We’ve also got our Short Range Radio, which is super important if we’re planning to play on Open World Mode as our primary gameplay session.

We also have our Ice Box, which is actually pretty darn useful. We would recommend you get it, but it’s not a critically important item. You can come back to this one when you have more points to spend and you don’t want to spend it on something else, but it’s nice for storing food. You just put ice in it and it preserves your food longer.

Blueprints Tier 2 – Farming, Weapons, Mortar And Pestle

The long bow is very important because it allows you to kill enemies from a distance. We would recommend getting the Flint Arrow and passing on the Steel Arrow as it is too expensive. The medium wood hedgehogs are useful for big enemies like bosses and bears. The mortar and pistol are essential as they allow you to craft a ton of different things. Other items that are important are crushed bones, gunpowder, carbon paste, flour, and poison paste. The lightning rod, curtains, and lantern are all optional and are only useful for decoration or protection from lightning.

icarus new blueprint guide best way to spend tech points in missions open world2

Blueprints Tier 3

The Machining Bench in Tier 3 is essential for crafting almost everything, so it’s a must-have. The Concrete Furnace and Cement Mixer are also important for crafting higher tier items like gold, titanium, and steel bars. The Cement Mixer is necessary to make the Concrete Furnace, so make sure you pick both of these up.

Next, we have the Biofuel Radar and Biofuel Extractor. The Extractor is nice for getting Exotics, and the Radar is nice for finding them. We say the Biofuel Extractor is worth getting if you’re going to spend the time to mine Exotics, otherwise don’t worry about it.

Moving forward, we have our Kitchen Bench. The Kitchen Bench is definitely going to be useful, as it has a lot of very good recipes and is used in a lot of missions.

We would recommend you definitely get the Beer. Beer is extremely powerful and so is wine, giving you a huge stamina regen buff.

Blueprints Tier 4

And here are some good skills when you get to tier 4 skills:

  • Fabricator
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Composite Dropship Recall Bacon
  • Biofuel Generator
icarus new blueprint guide best way to spend tech points in missions open world3

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