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Icarus: How to Make Glass

Glass is one of the many useful materials players can get in the survival/crafting game Icarus.




Unlike most other materials, however, glass first needs to be crafted. This guide explains how to.

How to Make Glass in Icarus

How to Make Glass in Icarus

Making glass in Icarus is not a particularly complicated process. However, players must first have leveled up enough to obtain some pre-requisites. Once the player reaches level 20, they can unlock the Machining Table and the Concrete Furnace. These are essential to refining raw materials into glass.

Obtaining the Machining Table and Concrete Furnace

The Machining Table’s recipe requires 20 pieces of Wood, 12 Stones, 120 Iron Nails, 40 Iron Ingots, 12 Epoxy, and 24 Rope. The Machining Table itself can be used to build a Concrete Furnace. The Concrete Furnace’s recipe requires 12 Iron Ingots, 8 Rope, 12 Epoxy, and 20 Concrete Mix. It’s a lot of materials required to craft these two, but they should be relatively easy to acquire.

Making Glass

Now, to finally make glass you simply need to obtain coal and silica. Silica can be found in the overworld, while coal is usually found in caves. After obtaining both resources, you simply need to place them into the Concrete Furnace. It will then start processing the materials into glass. Each piece of silica takes about 12 seconds to be turned into one piece of glass.

Glass is used in a variety of recipes later in the game, so it’s recommended to make a hefty amount of it so you’re well prepared. It’s also recommended to craft a Glassworking Bench when available, as it gives you further options to use your glass.

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