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Honkai Star Rail: 5-Star Seele Build Guide

Make Seele stronger and more powerful with the right relics and light cones.




Seele is one of the many characters you can get in Honkai: Star Rail. Her main role is as a single-target DPS who’s capable of unleashing massive damage to take down her targets.

Aside from that, she also uses quantum-based attacks which have the advantage to delay her enemies’ actions.

However, if you want to make use of her full potential, you need to know the best build for her. We will show you how to do it.

5-Star Seele Build Guide in Honkai: Star Rail

Source: WiLLiSGaming

To properly build Seele, you’ll need to pick the right Light Cones and Relics for her.

When it comes to the Light Cones, you’ll want to go for the Hunt Path Light Cones as these will increase her ATK and CRIT values.

You will be able to equip her with Light Cones from other paths. However, she won’t be able to benefit from their passive abilities if that’s the case.

You will be able to obtain her signature weapon from the limited-event warp banner. The only problem is that you won’t be able to obtain it early in the game.

Instead, your best option is to look for lower-rarity light cones as alternatives. A good example is the 3-star Light Cone, Arrows, which increases her CRIT rate.

Later on, as you obtain more resources, you’ll then be able to aim for her signature weapon, In the Night.

Source: WiLLiSGaming

Other noteworthy Light Cones you can use are as follows:

  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea
  • Sleep Like the Dead
  • Return to Darkness
  • Only Silence Remains

Next, you want to focus on using the right relics. You will be able to farm them from the Cavern of Corrosion.

However, early on in the game, your best option will be the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set. We recommend its 4-piece bonus so that Seele will be able to get the most benefits.

Source: WiLLiSGaming

Later on, you’ll be able to get access to Planetary Ornaments.

In this case, you’ll want to use Celestial Differentiator and Inert Salsotto for Seele. Both ornaments will provide Seele with the highest benefits.

Meanwhile, you should focus on relics that provide bonuses to CRIT damage, CRIT rate, and ATK. For Planar Sphere relics, go for those that increase Quantum damage.

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