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Holdfast Nations At War: How To Build | Sapper Guide

Sappers are a go-to for support roles in Holdfast Nations at War. Here’s all you need to know about building with the Sapper class.

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The game Holdfast Nations at War has a multitude of classes. Among the support class is the Sapper, whose expertise is the construction of defensive structures and other military works. This guide will show you how to build structures with Sappers.

How To Build | Sapper Guide – Holdfast Nations At War

As a Sapper, you have access to three main construction tools that will help you to build—a shovel, hammer, and a sledgehammer.

Building Defenses

Once you spawned as a sapper, the first thing to do is to equip your hammer by pressing Q on your keyboard. A hammer will help you build and repair defenses. After this, follow these steps:

  • Once you have a hammer, hold Right-click on your mouse or press G on your keyboard to scroll through construction options. Construction is divided into two categories: defenses and artillery.

To pick an option, press the Left-click button.

  • After picking an option, you’ll see a representation of the defense you want to construct. Press the Left-click button once more to place the construction on that area.
  • By this time, you’re going to start building your defense. Use your hammer and keep hitting around the construction area until its health bar fills up.
  • Orange color in the health bar means that the defense is still under construction. A great tip is to ask for help from your fellow Sappers to build the defense faster. The health bar will later turn green, which means that your defense is completely built.
  • You can also reinforce your defense by further building around it. You can utilize sandbags and platforms to cover from enemy fire and make your defense more stable.

Deconstructing and Repairing Defenses

Sappers can also deconstruct defenses by using a sledgehammer. This will bring back any resources that were used to build your defenses in the future. To go to deconstruction mode, press the G key and select either Deconstructor Undig. Strategically, you can destroy the enemy’s defenses by using explosives. You’ll also gain material points to enhance your own team’s structures.

As supports your task is to do the repair work on artilleries and various guns. This includes rocket launchers, mortars, field guns, and much more. Just use your hammer and pound away.

The key in playing as a Sapper is speed. Familiarizing yourself with the materials and knowing your skills will be critical to your team’s success. Have fun playing!

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